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The effect in parenthesis only applies the first time you consume the item.

Chic Buffet[edit]

Item Price Effect
Avocado Toast $25.00 Replenish Stamina 30 percent (+1 SP)
Tofu Burrito $25.00 Replenish Stamina 30 percent (+1 AG)
Fake Chicken $28.00 Replenish Stamina 35 percent (+1 WP)
Quiche $40.00 Replenish Stamina 45 percent (+1 AT)


Shopkeeper: Billy Lee (Double Dragon)

It has the same moves as the Crosstown Dojo.

Plaid the Impaler[edit]

Item Price Effect
Coin Purse $250.00 5% chance of double money drops from each enemy
Frilly Bottom $25.00 Stand up more quickly after being knocked down
Garter $40.00 Extra 5% damage from any kick attacks
Smart Watch $55.00 Extra 5% damage when fighting students

Lucky Penne[edit]

Shopkeeper: Martha (The Combatribes)

Item Price Effect
Fried Cheese $40.00 Replenish Stamina 25 percent (+1 LK)
Garlic Gelato $45.00 Replenish Stamina 25 percent (+1 AT)
Lasagna $50.00 Replenish Stamina 75 percent (+1 SP)
Ravioli $55.00 Replenish Stamina 45 percent (+1 ST)

Pop's Sauna[edit]

Its location isn't marked on the map, but it's in the Fancy Hotel Lobby.

Item Price Effect
Sauna for One $20.00 Replenish Stamina 100 percent
Sauna for Two $30.00 Replenish Stamina 100 percent for both players