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  • When you start out you will be holding $20.00 and every time you die you lose half your money; since there are no banks in this game, it is imperative that you spend your starting money quickly.
  • Most items in the game are stored in your inventory and have to be selected and used there to have any effect.
  • The books sold in most(not all) of the bookshops let you learn new moves. They cost between $26.95 and $78.25, making them very expensive purchases, but some are well worth their cost. Near the beginning of the game, the Stone Hands or Dragon Feet books are very useful, as they turn your punch or kick into a rapid-fire move which makes fights much easier. Grand Slam does the same for weapons; it's significantly more expensive, but well worth it, as it makes you essentially unbeatable if you have a stick or another long-range weapon.
  • Enemies do not understand how to fight on anything but flat ground; therefore they simply pause and stand still when you jump to a ledge or bench or other higher area. This can be exploited to wear down tough opponents by dropping down from higher areas while attacking and then returning to the ledge while they are stunned. Since most bosses except the Dragon Twins has a ledge conveniently located nearby, most of the game can be run without any powering up with careful use of this technique.
  • Willpower is more important than Stamina; while Stamina lets you absorb hits and continue fighting, Willpower lets you get up with 20 Stamina following a knockdown at zero Stamina. (this is the "gasping for air" animation that you are surely exploiting on the bosses for a free hit - they are polite and won't exploit it on you though) So buy items that give you a lot of Willpower; Donut, Lamb Leg, and the Sauna offer the best value for money.