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Robotron 2084 cpanel.png
  • Movement Joystick: The left joystick directs the player where to move in eight directions.
  • Firing Joystick: The right joystick is used to indicate which direction the player should fire in. This direction is, obviously, independent of the direction the player is moving in.
  • 1-Player: Press to start a one player game.
  • 2-Player: Press to start a two player game.



Robotron 2084 player.png

You control the player. Your only weapon is an Anti-Robot Laser Gun. Used effectively, it will give you the power to destroy all the Robot species except the Hulk. The control on the left of the panel will give you maneuverability in 8 directions. To evade. To attack. To rescue. The right control will empower you to fire your Laser Gun in 8 directions. Each Robot attack wave will end when you disintegrate all the Robots in the wave except, of course, the indestructible Hulk. At the start of the attack, you will have 3 chances to wipe out the enemy. Every 25,000 points you earn will grant you another chance to complete your mission.


Robotron 2084 grunt.png

The Force of Ground Roving Unit Network Terminator (GRUNT) Robotrons seek to destroy you. They are the least sophisticated species of Robot. It has no weapon and possesses only minimal intelligence. This does not mean it is to be dealt with lightly. It will single-mindedly pursue you to capture and destroy you.


Robotron 2084 hulk.png

The Hulk Robotrons seek out and eliminate the last human family. In all attack waves except every 5th, the Hulk will stalk his prey. It alone of the Robot species cannot be killed. Your Laser Gun can only slow it down or divert it from its objective of crushing all life from the humans and from yourself. You must avoid this Robot at all costs or your mission will be lost at the outset.

Sphereoids & Enforcers[edit]

Robotron 2084 sphereoid.png
Robotron 2084 enforcer.png

The pulsating sphere may at first look harmless, but it is the mothership which spawns deadly Enforcer Embryos. You must try to explode the Sphereoid before it ejects the Embryos. The Embryos grow into evil Enforcers. Let them live and they will lessen your chance for survival by launching Enforcer Sparks.

Quarks & Tanks[edit]

Robotron 2084 quark.png
Robotron 2084 tank.png

The Quarks are programmed to manufacture Tank Robotrons. Eliminate the Quarks as quickly as possible before any Tanks can be manufactured. The Tank's goal is to kill you by firing rebounding Shells. Take out the tanks before they have sufficient time to fill the stage with Shells.


Robotron 2084 brain.png

The Brain is the most clever and dangerous of the Robot species. Its 2-pronged attack will be launched every 5th wave. If it collides with you, it will electrocute you where you stand. It also possesses the devastating power to fire Cruise Missiles which will mercilessly seek you out. Destroy or be destroyed. The victims of the 2nd prong of the Brain's attack are the defenseless humans. If captured, a human will be irreversibly transformed, literally re-programmed by the Brain's incredible mind powers, into a Prog. Into a Robot that will viciously turn against its own protector, against you! Annihilate the Progs or meet a violent death at their hands.

Last Family[edit]

Robotron 2084 mikey.png
Robotron 2084 daddy.png
Robotron 2084 mommy.png

These are the only 3 types of human clones left on Earth. (From left to right: Mikey, Daddy and Mommy.) Defenseless and easy prey to the Robots, they are totally dependent upon you for their survival and will wander aimlessly until you make contact with them. Touching them will place them under your protective powers.


Robotron 2084 electrodes.png

The pulsating, immobile Electrodes will attempt to block your path. Collide with them and meet instant death. Fortunately, the Grunts will also be annihilated by this means. You must avoid the Electrodes or obliterate them with your Laser Gun. In each new attack wave they will assume a different shape, but remain just as deadly if contact is made.


Grunt 100 points
Brain 500 points
Cruise Missile 25 points
Prog 100 points
Sphereoid 1000 points
Enforcer 150 points
Enforcer Spark 25 points
Quark 1000 points
Tank 200 points
Tank Shell 50 points
1st family member 1000 points
2nd family member 2000 points
3rd family member 3000 points
4th family member 4000 points
5th+ family member 5000 points
(Point values for family members reset at the start of a new wave and after a life is lost.)