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  • Characters with loose handling around should stay in the middle of the road when about to turn, then turn "prematurely" so that you will skid slightly and already be facing the direction you need to go once you hit the point you would normally turn. This works well with the L/R trick (see below). Be careful not to skid too far, as this produces severe deceleration.
  • If the above is too difficult, you can simply let up on the gas briefly when turning, but this will cost you more speed than the skid technique.
  • L Button and R Button control turning, the same way that left and right on the control pad do. However, holding both Left Dpad and L Button (or Right Dpad and R Button) will cause you to turn twice as fast. This allows you to make tighter turns with loose handling, but this trick is unnecessary for characters with the "cornering" ability. When doing this you should just tap L Button or R Button, because the high speed of the turn will likely cause you to skid too much if you overdo it. You will likely lose some speed by doing turns this way, but not as much as you would by overshooting and banging into the wall.
  • When starting a race, don't immediately step on the gas. Hang back for a split second and let them past. Then fire your weapons! Late in the game you don't want to hang back much, just a car length, but in the very early races (especially when you only have the default armor) you might want to hang back further to avoid getting caught in the deadly crossfire that tends to occur when you zoom right into the race. You'll have plenty of opportunities to catch up.
  • Use all your Bear Claw Mines on the last lap, since you don't have to worry about running over them next lap.