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Rockin' Kats
Box artwork for Rockin' Kats.
Japanese titleNY Nyankies
Release date(s)
System(s)NES, Arcade
Mode(s)Single player
TwitchRockin' Kats Channel
YouTube GamingRockin' Kats Channel
Title screen.

Rockin' Kats (known in Japan as NY Nyankies) is the title of a NES game published in 1991 by Atlus Software Inc. It also appeared on Nintendo's arcade machine, the PlayChoice 10. The platform game involves the adventures of a cartoon cat in his quest to defeat a criminal gang that has taken over the city and repeatedly kidnapped his girlfriend.

In the single player game you control Willy who must rescue his girlfriend and defeat the gangster Mugsy. Players venture through five different levels called "channels" (from a television set) that feature various themes, enemies, and bosses.


From the game manual:

"Willy, the Rockin' Kat, (our hero!) and his girl, Jill, are the cutest couple to jazz around New York in years! Unfortunately, while Willy was doing a solo, the local crime boss, Mugsy, caught a peep at Jill and knew he had to have her! In his underhand way, he sent his loyal pack of thugs to kidnap poor Jill. It was cat-burglary, all right. By the time Willy finds out, his girl has been hidden away deep in the city. The fur starts to fly when he takes on the crime world to save her. Willy must find his way though the hot streets, a not-so-funny amusement park, and the wild west (among other dangerous adventures!) with only his Punch Gun at his side. You'd better go along to help out!"

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Version differences[edit]

Japanese North American
Channel 1 sign says "CoCo Cola" Sign says "Atlus Soda"
Channel 1 sign says "NY Beer" Sign says "Root Beer"