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Dr. Thomas Light[edit]

Dr. Thomas Light, master robot engineer, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also known as: Dr. Wright and Dr. Right
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Died: Circa 2040
  • Strength: Light is a good-natured person.
  • Weakness: He is easily tricked.
  • Likes: The Internet.
  • Dislikes: Fighting/Violence.

Dr. Thomas Light was the founder of Light Labs (with his former colleague Dr. Albert W. Wily) and creator of the so-called robot race (along with Wily). Light's original intention for his creations was for them to make life easier for humans and, in the end, for them to "live" peacefully alongside with them. However, in 2008 (see Mega Man), Dr. Wily revolted, mainly out of jealousy, but partly out of personal greed and ambition, and reprogrammed many of their creations, starting years of rivalry and the beginning of what came to be known as the Wily Wars. Ever since then, Light's former lab assistant robot, Rock, had to be converted into a fighting robot (out of his own free will) in order to counter Wily's creations of robot armies and new Robot Masters.

However, after the past threat of the Robot King, Dr. Light's dream of a society in which robots and humans could live and work together in peace finally came to fruition- Symphony City. Dr. Wily didn't even provide a significant threat since King returned to his sensible state.

However, with the new wave of attacks from the Dimensions, Light has begun to wonder if peace will ever truly exist in the world...

Mega Man[edit]

Mega Man, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also known as: Rockman
  • Original name: Rock
  • Serial number: DRN. 001
  • Year of creation: 2006
  • Height: 132 cm (4'4")
  • Weight: 105 kg (230 lbs)
  • Installed capacity: 1500ps/1200rpm
  • Torque capacity: 220kg-m/8500rpm
  • A.I. fixed age: 10 years
  • Strength: Rock possesses a strong sense of justice.
  • Weakness: He can sometimes be a little careless.
  • Likes: Animals.
  • Dislikes: Anything that disturbs peace.

Rock was originally designed to be the lab assistant of Doctors Light and Wily in Light Labs, but when Dr. Wily revolted not long after his creation, he volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot in order to counter Wily's new robotic army, knowing that the world's current technology was not on par with Wily's. Ever since then, Wily has made continual bids for domination, and as such, Rock has never been able to live the peaceful life as Light's "son" as Light hoped that he would.

When the Dimensions came and attacked the peaceful city where humans and robots had begun to coexist in harmony, Rock was outrageed. Moreover, he was confused by their leader, R-Shadow, who looked just like him. Was this being the same Quint who was just a pawn in Wily's army five years ago or was he someone else, and why did he look exactly like him (for the most part)?

Whatever the case, Rock knew he had to get to the bottom of it all, or else peace would be shattered again, perhaps once and for all... [4]


Bass, Rock's arch-rival, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also known as: Forte
  • Serial number: SWN. 001
  • Year of creation: 2014
  • Strength: Hates to lose.
  • Weakness: He's vain and a showoff.
  • Likes: To be the ultimate fighter (he wants to be a legend).
  • Dislikes: Anyone who is stronger than he is (or claims to be).

Bass was designed by Dr. Wily for two purposes: To destroy Mega Man and to serve as a prototype for the creation of a far more advanced robot. In fact, Wily described Bass' creation as "accidental" (in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters). Wily was experimenting with a new element known as Bassnium in his "Advanced Robot Project" and, in the process, developed Bass. Thus, to some degree, Bass is an early prototype for Zero, a robot which Bass describes as "girly."

Bass' design is modeled very similarly after Rock, which is no surprise since Wily developed Rock along with Dr. Light. Bass is even assisted by a robotic canine known as Treble, which is capable of combining with him to form a very powerful combination. Weapon-wise, however, Bass is equipped with an automatic-firing plasma cannon that can be shot in any direction, although it cannot penetrate solid objects. However, he compensates for this by being able to double-jump, allowing him to reach heights twice as great as most other robots.

Bass' ultimate goal is to destroy Rock, and Wily made that very clear to him. However, the when the Dimensions attacked Symphony City, which was dangerously close to Wily's new lab, Bass had to set his differences with Rock aside in order to defend his creator's work and his home. [4]

Proto Man[edit]

Proto Man, Light and Wily's prototype humanoid robot, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also Known As: Blues (Japan) and Break Man (Mega Man 3)
  • Serial Number: DRN. 000
  • Year of Creation: 2005
  • Strength: He's good at whistling (and using whistles).
  • Weakness: Nobody can contact him.
  • Likes: Traveling alone.
  • Dislikes: Interviews.

Proto Man was the first humanoid robot that Doctors Light and Wily created, based off of the design of the Sniper Joe police robots that they had designed a few years earlier, but created with a much more advanced artificial intelligence, a more powerful plasma cannon, and stronger titanium body. However, Proto Man's sense of "independence" made it so that he went "AWOL" during their initial testing of his systems, shortly after his creation. At one point he worked with Dr. Wily, one of his creators (during the Gamma Incident of 2010), but his purposes were unclear (was he training Mega Man?). Shortly after that, he "betrayed" Wily by exposing him as the manipulator of Dr. Cossack and kidnapper of his daughter, and ever since then, he has helped Mega Man and Dr. Light in various capacities, even standing up to the Robot King during the Robot Rebellion.

When the Dimensions attack Symphony City, Proto Man scouted ahead in order to get a better idea of their intentions and to find out where their base of operations was located. Once this information was known, he reported back to Mega Man and Bass... [4]

Dr. Albert W. Wily[edit]

Dr. Albert W. Wily, Light and Rock's rival, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Died: Circa 2040
  • Strength: Wily is a genius (especially as a scientist)
  • Weakness: He never gives up
  • Likes: Taking over the world
  • Dislikes: Admitting defeat

Dr. Albert W. Wily attended college and founded Light Labs with Dr. Thomas Light, creating the Industrial Series of Robot Masters in partnership with him in the early-2000s. However, out of jealousy and personal greed (see Mega Man), Wily revolted against his former colleague (and the world), and started what became known as the Wily Wars, lasting nearly ten years.

After the failure of his King Project, which was, in fact, an experiment to see just how powerful of a robot he was capable of designing (one more step in the development process of the robot known as Zero), Wily went on to build a new laboratory/skull ompound. However, when the Dimensions attacked, he could not let them destroy his new lab and all of his research, so he had to dispatch Forte (Bass) at once in order to neurtralize their threat at once. [4]


Auto, Dr. Light's lab assistant, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also Known As: Rightot
  • Serial Number: DRN. 012
  • Year of Creation: 2014
  • Strength: Always ready to work.
  • Weakness: "Stuffy" character.
  • Likes: Trivia.
  • Dislikes: Studying.

Auto is Dr. Light's new lab assistant, now that Rock has been converted into a "fighting robot" to deal with the constant threat of Dr. Wily's bids for world domination, and is often called (sometimes self-professed) "Dr. Light's number one student." Auto can take various parts that Rock finds while out on his missions and either fix them to build something new or he can take bolts and build new parts out of them. This proves extremely helpful to Rock. [4]


Rush, the "Robo Dog," (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Serial Number: DRN. 009
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Strength: Friendly.
  • Weakness: Digs up weird things.
  • Likes: Playing with Rock.
  • Dislikes: Surgery.

Rush was designed by Dr. Light to be a support unit for Rock in combat, but also to serve as a companion for him (so that he wouldn't be lonely). While Rush originally only came with a few adaptations (Coil, Marine, and Jet), he later was modified to be able to "combine" with Rock to form Jet Mega Man and Power Mega Man. Rush is also capable of digging up hidden items by searching for secrets in the environment. All-in-all, Rush is Rock's greatest support in the field! [4]


Treble, Bass' "canine" sidekick, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also Known As: Gospel
  • Serial Number: SWN. 002
  • Year of Creation: 2014
  • Strength: Detecting intruders.
  • Weakness: Has a bad habit of biting others.
  • Likes: Girls.
  • Dislikes: Leashes and cigarettes.

Treble was designed by Dr. Wily to be a support "canine" for Bass, along the lines of Rush (for Rock). Treble's greatest assest is that he can combine together with Bass, in a feature called the Gospel Boost, which gives Bass a jet pack and allows him to fly all around, attacking his opponents from any direction and, additionally, allows him to reach areas he previously could not. [4]


Beat, a support bird built by Dr. Cossack, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Serial Number: DCN. 009
  • Year of Creation: 2013
  • Strength: His speed and power.
  • Weakness: He wanders around a lot.
  • Likes: The lottery.
  • Dislikes: Wasting money.

Dr. Cossack created Beat as a present for Dr. Light and Rock for saving him and his daughter, Kalinka (with Proto Man's help), from the clutches of Dr. Wily (in Mega Man 4). After Cossack was freed from Wily's evil plans, he went to Light Labs to work with Light and help him develop new and helpful robots to make life easier for humanity and counter the evil desires of Dr. Wily.

Beat is a mechanical bird that assists Rock in the field. When Rock falls off of cliffs or down dangerous pits, Beat is usually within a quick whistle's blast away and comes to the rescue, and, in aerial combat, Beat serves as a dive bomber and shield, defending Rock and attacking his foes. [4]