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Here are some frequently-asked questions about the game:

  1. Is Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future really the last (as of 2006) game chronologically in the Mega Man Classic series?
  2. Is this game really canon?
    • Yes, it is. The game was officially licensed by Capcom Co., Inc. although it was produced by Bandia, Inc. However, Capcom most likely assisted in the game's production.
  3. Where do the serial numbers for the Dimensions come from?
    • The serial designation of the Dimension robots is not specified in the manual for the game. Thus, in order to provide series continuity, the Mega Man fan community has provided a serial number designation of DMN for them (Dimension Number).
  4. Where does the serial number for R-Shadow come from?
    • Again, R-Shadow is a robot whose serial number is not specified in the game's manual. Therefore, a serial number was assigned to him in this article series continuity. So, where does it come from? R-Shadow is a prototype robot built by Dr. Wily in the future using the technology available at the time to see what is possible to construct. Technically, the purpose of R-Shadow was to destroy Mega Man, and as such, he would fall into the Rockman Killer series. Since he was a prototype, he was assigned a number of 000, giving him a serial number of RKN. 000.