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Mega Man 7
Box artwork for Mega Man 7.
Distributor(s)Nintendo eShop
Release date(s)
SNES icon.png
Flag of the United States.svg September, 1995
Wii U Virtual Console
Genre(s)Action, Platform
System(s)SNES, Wii U VC
Mode(s)Single player
ESRB: ESRB KA.png Kids to Adults
Preceded byMega Man 6
Followed byMega Man 8
SeriesMega Man
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Mega Man 7 was originally released in Japan as Rockman 7: Fated Confrontation! (ロックマン7 宿命の対決! Rockman 7 shukumei no taiketsu!?). It's the 7th game in the Mega Man series, which originally appeared on the SNES and then later was bundled within Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. In 2014 it was made available for the Wii U Virtual Console via the Nintendo eShop.

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