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Home Planet Rosa
Main Weapon Sword
Sub-Weapon Gun

Jaster was abandoned at birth and raised by a priest named Raul on the planet Rosa. He is a cheerful young boy, who dreams of traveling the galaxy as a space pirate. He finally gets the chance to do so, when he is invited to join the crew of the Dorgenark. He is skilled with a sword and also with a gun. Throughout his travels it is hinted that he is romantically interested in Kisala.


Home Planet Eden
Main Weapon Twin Daggers
Sub-Weapon Footwear

Kisala is the only female member of the Dorgenark and is the daughter of Dorgengoa. She is a quirky young girl who, despite her appearance, is somewhat a tomboy. She is superbly skilled with daggers and packs a powerful kick. It is hinted at that she is romantically interested in Jaster.


Home Planet Unknown
Main Weapon Sword
Sub-Weapon Shuriken

Zegram is a Bounty Hunter who has joined forces with Dorgengoa. He is often seen communicating with an unknown person. Zegram is a mysterious man who seems to have a large amount of knowledge. He is greatly skilled with a sword and has a great aim with shuriken. Unlike the rest of the crew, Zegram's home planet is never revealed. However, it is rumored that his homeworld is Zerard but there is not enough evidence to confirm that as being absolutely true. Also, he had possibly joined the crew of the Dorgenark after his wife and child were killed, possibly by either Longardian or Draxian forces.


Home Planet Zerard
Main Weapon Knuckles
Sub-Weapon Satellite Grenade Units

Steve is a robot designed and made by Dr. Poccachio and acts as the navigator of the Dorgenark. He is Dr. Poccachio's favourite creation due to his personality and his ability to care for others, unlike traditional robots. He is a happy robot who is always there to give praise to someone when they do a good job.


Home Planet Zerard
Main Weapon Flamethrower
Sub-Weapon Missile Pod

Simon is another member of the crew of the Dorgenark. He is a short mysterious man who always wears a mask and has a Scottish accent. No-one knows his true identity until it is revealed near the end of the game.


Home Planet Juraika
Main Weapon Bow & Arrow
Sub-Weapon Hatchet

Lilika is an Amazonian woman from the secluded Burkaqua tribe. She has a short temper and is quick to react to most situations and is very agile. Lilika is the head of the Burkaquan warriors. She has a sister who was blinded at a young age when a vicious monster attacked her and killed her mother.


Home Planet Zerard
Main Weapon Spear
Sub-Weapon Disc Shooter

Jupis was a great scientist who devoted his entire life to science. He was working on a theory that could revolutionize time space energy, when coffee was spilled on the computer system, which caused all his data to be lost, which led to him being fired. He is usually a bubbly but slightly crazy person who has an unusual addiction to coffee.


Home Planet Vedan
Main Weapon Axe
Sub-Weapon Arm-Mounted Machine Gun

Deego is an ex-army soldier who comes from the mining planet of Vedan and can usually be found hanging around Angela's Bar, which is owned by his friend Angela who he is thought to be romantically interested in. He is a strong man with a bulky appearance.