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Blessings are special items that are received after praying at a Spiritual Shrine. They are placed in the slot adjacent to the spell slot, and are either lost upon death or destroyed after one use. Picking up a second special item will replace your first one.

Hermes' Boots[edit]

Hermes' Boots Regular spikes can be walked on.

Does not prevent ground spike traps from triggering like P.A.D. does. It also does not prevent damage from wall or ceiling spikes.

If a Paladin blocks while standing on floor spike's it will activate the shield and use mana.

Charon's Obol[edit]

Charon's Obol

Allows you to enter the castle without paying Charon's toll. It will be used the next time you enter the castle; you cannot choose not to use it.

Oh hoh ho! So you have my obol. I will let you pass for free, but only this one time.


Curse of the Hedgehog[edit]

The Hedgehog's Curse Taking damage will result in you dropping coins (coins dropped can be more than what you lost) , much like a certain, well-known blue hedgehog.

Calypso's Compass[edit]

Calypso's Compass

Compass appears at the top of the screen, pointing to a hidden location. Press up to enter the secret door. The secret room will contain 2 chests. Usually Blueprints or Stats up.

Nerdy Glasses[edit]

Nerdy Glasses Corrects the Color Blindness, Nearsighted, Farsighted, Nostalgic and Vertigo traits. It also makes hidden items visible and allows for the player to see the correct chest in the 3-chest gamble game.

Helios' Blessing[edit]

Helios' Blessing Much greater chance and quantity of gold dropping from enemies (Does not affect chests).

Hyperion's Ring[edit]

Hyperion's Ring Defies Death once (revive at 25% HP on death, used automatically, consumed on use)


  • The Hedgehog's Curse is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog, where the titular character drops collected rings when hurt.
  • Hyperion's Ring may be a reference to Borderlands's universe where the Hyperion Corporation is responsible for bringing characters back to life.
  • Calypso´s Compass is a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Helios' blessing refers to the Greek sun god. He was said to ride a golden chariot and carry the sun across the sky. He also was known to be wealthy.
  • Charons Obol is a reference to the ancient Greek practice of placing a coin in or on the mouth of a dead person, which would then be used to pay Charon to ferry their souls into the land of the dead. --Wikipedia