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Khidr The Gatekeeper[edit]

  • Drops: ~1000 gold and magic stats (+mana or +magic damage).

Khidir is a giant eye ball who will float in the center of the room. Periodically it will fire out large red globs that move in a straight line until they reach the wall and disappear. Start by jumping up on a platform and attacking Khidir. When it fires, you can stay there for a bit, but prepare to jump or drop out of the way of the projectiles. His second attack shoots four projectiles out, one in each direction (starting like "+") and rotating clockwise. The trick here is to just run with the projectiles, wait in the corner, and jump up to the platform. By that time the attack will cease and you can start attacking again. Repeat these defense and offense phases to defeat him.

Alexander The Forgotten[edit]

Alexander The Forgotten

Maya boss[edit]

Darkness boss[edit]

Final boss[edit]