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There are six NPCs in the game. The NPCs are separated in two different areas: outside Castle Hamson and inside Castle Hamson.

The NPCs outside Castle Hamson, except for Charon, are characters that the player will unlock through upgrading. NPCs in the castle host different sorts of carnival games which allows the player to increase the amount of gold earned on that specific run (these bonus games can only be played once per run, and re-exploring a locked castle will not allow you to play a game you played with a predecessor).


Charon at the gate of Castle Hamson.

The first NPC that you meet at the gates to Castle Hamson. He takes 100% of your gold if you choose to pass and lets you into the castle. He locks the door behind you. The 100% gold loss can be reduced with upgrades to Haggle in the Manor. The lowest percent he will take is 70%.

Charon is the cloaked, gloomy looking guardian who blocks the entrance into the castle. He will demand all your gold for passage each time you attempt to enter the castle, and will continiue to stand there until you do.


Charon, in greek mythology, is actually the ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the dead across the river Styx. In the mouths of the dead, a coin (usually an obulus) was sometimes left, to pay Charon for passage. This is probably why the item "Charon's Obol " lets you pass him, and also explains why he otherwise demands your gold.

Upgrading the Haggle skill[edit]

By upgrading the skill called "Haggle", you lower the toll of Charon's entry fee by 6%. This skill can be upgraded five times (total of 30 % cost reduction).

Charon's Obol[edit]

This is an item that can be found within the castle walls by praying at the Spiritual Shrine, and it will be inherited by your next heir. It will allow your heir to pass Charon without any fee if you die with the Obol. He will acknowledge your holding of his Obol, and will allow you to pass this one time, and the item is gone after.

Oh hoh ho! So you have my obol. I will let you pass for free, but only this time.



These vendors are only available after unlocking them through the Manor.


Blacksmith at his shop.

To understand the effects of the armor see Stats and Enchantments

The Blacksmith is the first upgrade in Rogue Legacy. The Blacksmith sells armor and weapons. The blacksmith has 15 items for each tab and there are five tabs including swords, helmets, chestplates, limbs, and capes. You must find blueprints from chests to unlock more gear, and purchase them to be able to equip them (more than 1 playthrough is needed to acquire all the blueprints.) The Blacksmith will only start with Squire Sword, Squire Helm, Squire Chest, and Squire Limbs unlocked, though they must still be purchased to be used.

The items mainly increase in strength/usefulness as they go across from left to right, and from the first row to the second, however the third row often forfeits general power over a specialty (first third row items give reduced stats, but +1 in Vampirism).


Name Health Mana Damage Magic Armor Weight Cost AdditionalProperties
File:Squire sword.png Squire Sword +7 +15 250
File:Knight sword.png Knight Sword +11 +20 375
File:Blood sword.png Blood Sword -30 +9 +35 500 +1 Vampirisim
File:Silver sword.png Silver Sword +17 +35 750
File:Ranger sword.png Ranger Sword +22 +40 1150
File:Sage sword.png Sage Sword -10 +45 1250 +10% Gold Bonus
File:Guardian sword.png Guardian Sword +14 +12 +55 1450
File:Sky sword.png Sky Sword +27 +45 1700
File:Retribution sword.png Retribution Sword +15 -15 +50 1600 +50% Damage Return
File:Imperial sword.png Imperial Sword +36 +55 2300
File:Dragon sword.png Dragon Sword +46 +75 2800
File:Holy sword.png Holy Sword +25 +20 +55 3200 +1 Siphon
File:Royal sword.png Royal Sword +60 +85 4250
File:Slayer sword.png Slayer Sword +40 +75 4750

+4% Critical Chance
+15% Critical Damage
+50% Damage Return

File:Dark sword.png Dark Sword +50 +100 6000

+1 Vampirism
+1 Siphon
+1 Air Dash

Name Health Mana Damage Magic Armor Weight Cost AdditionalProperties
File:Squire helm.png Squire Helm +15 +5 +10 150
File:Knight helm.png Knight Helm +25 +20 +15 250
File:Blood helm.png Blood Helm -30 +25 +35 500 +1 Vampirism
File:Silver helm.png Silver Helm +35 +25 +25 550
File:Ranger helm.png Ranger Helm +55 +15 +30 950
File:Sage helm.png Sage Helm -10 +45 1250 +10% Gold Bonus
File:Guardian helm.png Guardian Helm +20 +20 +18 +45 1200
File:Sky helm.png Sky Helm +40 +45 +40 1500
File:Retribution helm.png Retribution Helm +30 +30 -15 +50 1400 +50% Damage Return
File:Imperial helm.png Imperial Helm +55 +40 +50 1900
File:Dragon helm.png Dragon Helm +75 +60 +60 2400
File:Holy helm.png Holy Helm +25 +50 +55 2800 +1 Siphon
File:Royal helm.png Royal Helm +90 +90 +70 3750
File:Slayer helm.png Slayer Helm +40 +40 +65 3900

+4% Critical Chance
+15% Critical Damage
+50% Damage Return

File:Dark helm.png Dark Helm +60 +60 +100 6000

+1 Vampirism
+1 Siphon
+1 Air Jump


Name Health Mana Damage Magic Armor Weight Cost AdditionalProperties
File:Squire chest.png Squire Chest +9 +20 350
File:Knight chest.png Knight Chest +16 +30 525
File:Blood chest.png Blood Chest -30 +14 +35 500 +1 Vampirisim
File:Silver chest.png Silver Chest +25 +45 950
File:Ranger chest.png Ranger Chest +38 +55 1500
File:Sage chest.png Sage Chest -10 +45 1250 +10% Gold Bonus
File:Guardian chest.png Guardian Chest +70 +80 1875
File:Sky chest.png Sky Chest +48 +65 1650
File:Retribution chest.png Retribution Chest +30 +30 -15 +50 1850 +50% Damage Return
File:Imperial chest.png Imperial Chest +59 +75 3000
File:Dragon chest.png Dragon Chest +78 +85 3750
File:Holy chest.png Holy Chest +25 +40 +65 3800 +1 Siphon
File:Royal chest.png Royal Chest +100 +125 4500
File:Slayer chest.png Slayer Chest +50 +140 6750

+4% Critical Chance
+15% Critical Damage
+50% Damage Return

File:Dark chest.png Dark Chest +50 +100 6000

+1 Vampirism
+1 Siphon
+1 Air Dash


Name Health Mana Damage Magic Armor Weight Cost AdditionalProperties
File:Squire limbs.png Squire Limbs +5 +10 200
File:Knight limbs.png Knight Limbs +11 +20 375
File:Blood limbs.png Blood Limbs -30 +9 +35 500 +1 Vampirism
File:Silver limbs.png Silver Limbs +17 +35 750
File:Ranger limbs.png Ranger Limbs +22 +40 1075
File:Sage limbs.png Sage Limbs -10 +45 1250 +10% Gold Bonus
File:Guardian limbs.png Guardian Limbs +10 +18 +45 1400
File:Sky limbs.png Sky Limbs +32 +50 1800
File:Retribution limbs.png Retribution Limbs +15 -15 +50 1500 +50% Damage Return
File:Imperial limbs.png Imperial Limbs +36 +55 2250
File:Dragon limbs.png Dragon Limbs +42 +60 2600
File:Holy limbs.png Holy Limbs +25 +72 +100 3000 +1 Siphon
File:Royal limbs.png Royal Limbs +60 +85 3500
File:Slayer limbs.png Slayer Limbs +40 +60 4600 +4% Critical Chance +15% Critical Damage +50% Damage Return
File:Dark limbs.png Dark Limbs +50 +100 6000 +1 Vampirism
+1 Siphon
+1 Air Jump
Name Health Mna Damage Magic Armor Weight Cost AdditionalProperties
File:Squire cape.png Squire Cape +10 300 +4% Critical Chance
File:Knight cape.png Knight Cape +15 425 +15% Critical Damage
File:Blood cape.png Blood Cape -30 +35 500 +1 Vampirism
File:Silver cape.png Silver Cape +35 850 +1 Siphon
File:Ranger cape.png Ranger Cape +40 1300 +4% Critical Chance +15% Critical Damage
File:Sage cape.png Sage Cape +75 1250 +10% Gold Bonus
File:Guardian cape.png Guardian Cape +27 +40 1600
File:Sky cape.png Sky Cape +55 2100 +2 Air Jump
File:Retribution cape.png Retribution Cape -15 +35 1800 +50% Damage Return
File:Imperial cape.png Imperial Cape +55 2600 +50% Critical Damage
File:Dragon cape.png Dragon Cape +75 3200 +2 Vampirism
File:Holy cape.png Holy Cape +25 +65 3300 +1 Siphon
File:Royal cape.png Royal Cape +80 4100 +3 Flight
File:Slayer cape.png Slayer Cape +85 5750 +4% Critical Chance +15% Critical Damage +50% Damage Return
File:Dark cape.png Dark Cape +100 6000 +1 Vampirism
+1 Siphon
+1 Air Jump


Enchantress outside of her tent.

The Enchantress is one of the first upgrades in Rogue Legacy, and is found on the right side of the Manor. You can buy and equip runes from her.

Enchantments of the same type stack, and increase the abilities of the enchantment.

Enchantments are enabled by finding their corresponding rune in a Fairy Chest

The first rune you purchase will cost 175 gold, and the price will increase by 175 for each rune you buy (e.g., your fifth rune will cost 875 gold). This results in the last rune costing a staggering 9,625 gold, and the total cost of purchasing every rune sits at 269,500 gold.


Name Enchantment
File:Sprint rune.png Sprint Rune Gain the power to dash short distances
File:Vault rune.png Vault Rune Grants you the power to jump in the air.
File:Bounty rune.png Bounty Rune Increase value of picked up gold by 10%.
File:Siphon rune.png Siphon Rune Steals mana from slain enemies (2 MP Per Kill).
File:Retaliation rune.png Retaliation Rune Returns 50% damage taken from enemies.
File:Curse rune.png Grace Rune Enemies scale slower, easier but lesser rewards.
File:Balance rune.png Balance Rune Slaying enemies grants both HP and MP (1 MP and HP Per Kill).
File:Grace rune.png Curse Rune Harder enemies, but greater rewards.
File:Vampire rune.png Vampire Rune

Killing enemies will drain them of their health (2 HP Per Kill).

File:Sky rune.png Air Rune Grants limited flight (0.6 Seconds)
File:Haste rune.png Haste Move Faster (20%)


Architect next to the lock machine.

The Architect will lock down a Castle layout for you so you can redo it and look for what you previously missed, the price is that you will only receive 60% of the gold you would normally obtain and you can not re-loot chests.

Chests cannot be looted more than one time and hence will be found open, however all environmental objects and enemies will respawn.

  • Teleport straight to boss rooms (allows for practice and constant fighting)
  • Attempt mini-bosses you passed or died to
  • Retake Fairy chest challenges
  • Get previously impossible chests/areas with a new character that has Dwarfism/Flying
  • Keep previous map
  • In the demo, you only get to keep 50% of the gold you find, as opposed to 60%.
  • In the full game the Architect originally only took 30% of gold dropped.



Booyan is a clown found randomly in the game. He offers you the option to play a random minigame (one of two) whose reward depends of the score you finish with.

For a perfect (or close to) score you get a Mini-Boss Chest.

Trivia: The name is a reference to the 1982 game Pooyan where the aim is to shoot the balloons of wolves coming down to eat you.

Throwing Knives Game[edit]

You have to throw knives from behind a barrier at moving targets. Each new target is positioned at a different distance and moves with a differing, and always increased speed. The first target hit gives the player ten coins, and for each target hit, the next gives an extra ten coins (10, 20, 30, etc.). There is a total of 8 targets you can hit and you have 12 knives at your disposal (Booyan incorrectly says you have 10 knives). If you manage to hit 8 or more targets, you earn an additional iron chest.

Axe Throwing Game[edit]

A variant of the throwing knives game. There are 100 stationary targets in the air in the sideroom. You have 5 axes to launch at them which break everything in their way and act just as the normal axe spell does. The gold reward depend on how many targets are left. If you manage to hit 90 or more targets, you earn 460 gold, and an iron chest.

Because you're not immediately transported to the room, you can stand in the middle of the partition between the two rooms and jump and throw an axe (especially easy if you are Half-Dragon with fast mana regen), and can knock down a column and a bit of the targets, reducing the efficiency of the axes required to get the top prize.

Bug: Barbarian Kings/Queens can shout and destroy all targets. (Fixed in Patch 1.0.10)

Bug: Conflux can be used right before talking to Booyan to destroy a large number of targets.

Booyan´s room.

Cheapskate Elf[edit]

Cheapskate Elf.

The elf will let you trade a quarter of your gold for a chance to open 1 out of 3 chests and win triple what you spent. The other two chests contain nothing.

Statistically he is offering a fair deal, and a successful guess with him can give the player enough gold in one run to buy an expensive upgrade in the Manor.

Increasing Bounty increases the efficiency of this room; for example, gambling 1,000 gold will cause the chest to open and contain the equivalent of 3,000 gold in coins, coin bags, and diamonds. However, with a Bounty of 100%, the gold picked up will be worth 6,000 in total. This means that generally, if you have a decent amount of Bounty, gambling is a good idea.

Trivia:  The elf's dialogue when you lose ("You soooo stupid!") is a reference to the movie UHF .

Note: His service can be used only once per dungeon. Revisiting a locked down dungeon will not allow a player to retry. However, he can appear several times in a single run.