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RollingThunder arcadecontrols.png
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to control agent Albatross. Press left or right to make him walk in either direction. Press up when standing in front of a door to make him enter the door. After a certain amount of time, Albatross will return through the door. Hold up to make Albatross wait behind the door. Hold down to make Albatross squat.
  • Shoot button: Press the shoot button to fire your weapon. If you have machine gun bullets, you will automatically use the machine gun. Otherwise, you will use your regular pistol. If you run out of bullets in your pistol, you will fire slow chaser bullets. You may only fire one chaser bullet on the screen at one time.
  • Jump button: Press the jump button to leap into the air. You may press the jump button along with left or right on the joystick to jump in either direction. Note that it is possible to jump while squatting, but not immediately after firing a weapon. Hold up on the joystick before pressing jump to leap high into the air, and attempt to grab hold of a railing to pull yourself up. Hold down on the joystick when standing in front of a railing, and press jump to drop down to the level below.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin a 1 or 2 player game.


RT Albatross.gif

Albatross is the talented agent who you control throughout the game. His goal is to locate and rescue agent Leila, and take down the Geldra organization before they can enact their plans for global domination. Albatross must walk through various locations throughout the Geldra headquarters in an effort to discover where Leila is being held captive.

A health meter is shown at the bottom of the screen throughout the game. Although the meter is broken into eight bars, Albatross can actually withstand no more than two hits. A physical attack removes four bars, or half of the meter. A hit from a bullet will kill Albatross immediately. Albatross is a powerful jumper, and can leap up to platforms above him as long as he has a railing to grab onto as he jumps. Simply hold up while you press jump. If you wish to return him to the level below, he can do so by holding down while pressing jump.

Albatross carries a standard issue handgun around with him at all times. Regular ammo for this gun is limited, and he must find supplies of extra bullets behind marked doors throughout each stage. If he runs out of bullets for his gun, he has access to an unlimited supply of slower chaser bullets. These chaser bullets take time to reload, so only one may appear on the screen at one time. In addition to regular bullets, he may also find machine gun bullets which will allow him to fire an automatic weapon. Holding the Shoot button down causes Albatross to fire a stream of them at the enemy.