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  • Joystick: Use the 4-way joystick to make Leila (or Albatross if you are player 2) walk left and right, crouch to avoid bullets, and enter doors to hide.
  • Firing Button: Use this button to make Leila (or Albatross if you are player 2) fire shots at the enemies (there are new ones), from their handguns.
  • Jump Button: Use this button to make Leila (or Albatross if you are player 2) jump. If you push the joystick up, they will jump up to the floor above.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin the game as player 1 or player 2.


Leila Blitz and Albatross[edit]

RT2 Leila Blitz.gif
RT2 Albatross.gif

The protagonists of the game; 1UP controls former "damsel-in-distress" from the original game Leila Blitz (shown in the image to the left) and 2UP controls returning hero from the original game "Albatross" (shown in the image to the right). As mentioned on the main page, the difference is purely graphical, and they both play exactly the same - and much like in the original game, they both start out with a standard-issue pistol which has limited ammunition and can gain more by entering the doors marked "BULLETS". And if they enter one of the doors marked "ARMS" the pistol will be substituted for a fully automatic assault rifle which allows for continuous firing by holding down the firing button; however, if the assault rifle should run out of ammunition, they'll switch back to their pistol. If the pistol should run out of ammunition as well, they will only be able to fire a single slow "chaser" bullet across the screen at a time until they enter another door that marked "BULLETS" or "ARMS" - but they can still only take two physical hits from the enemies and will die instantly if hit by a bullet or any other projectile attack.

Type 1 Maskers[edit]

RT2 Type 1 Masker Blue.gif RT2 Type 1 Masker Green.gif RT2 Type 1 Masker Silver.gif RT2 Type 1 Masker Yellow.gif In the original game, these characters were designed to look like hooded terrorists (or Foot Soldiers from the original TMNT); however, they have now been transformed into cyborgs, and they still come in four different colours: blue, green, silver, and yellow. 400 points.

Type 2 Maskers[edit]

RT2 Type 2 Masker Blue.gif RT2 Type 2 Masker Green.gif RT2 Type 2 Masker Purple.gif RT2 Type 2 Masker Orange.gif In the original game, these characters wore goggles over their eyes; however, they have again been transformed into cyborgs, but they still: act exactly like Type 1 Maskers, take two hits to kill, and come in four more different colours: blue, green, purple, and orange. 700 points.

Barrier Men[edit]

RT2 Barrier Man.gif These characters were created specifically for this sequel game, and attack by walking back and forth in a given area while generating a force field around themselves; if Leila or Albatross fires a shot at one that penetrates his force field, he will explode and all other enemies will mourn it. 1000 points.


RT2 Shaman.gif These characters were created specifically for this sequel game, and attack by either standing in a given place while blowing bubbles at Leila and Albatross or rolling black bombs towards them; as with the Type 2 Maskers, they take two hits to kill, but are worth 1000 points (this is 300 more points).


RT2 Armagigue.gif These characters were created specifically for this sequel game and attack when Leila and Albatross fire a shot at them. They attack by curling up into a ball and rolling towards Leila and Albatross. Jump over them to dodge the attack, then turn to face where the Armagigue rolled and fire. It will roll back towards you a second time. Dodge the Armagigue's attack once more and fire after it. This time it will die, but the explosion hurts. 2500 points.


RT2 Ninja White.gif RT2 Ninja Blue.gif RT2 Ninja Violet.gif RT2 Ninja Red.gif RT2 Ninja Purple.gif These characters now come in five different colours: light blue (1 hit, 1000 points), blue (2 hits, 2000 points), violet (3 hits, 1200 points), red (4 hits, 3000 points), and purple (8 hits, 6000 points). As in the original game, they are also palette-swaps of the Maskers' sprites.


RT2 Gimdo.gif The new supreme leader of Neo-Geldra, who appears at the end of this game as its final boss. He attacks by firing laser beams at Leila and Albatross from his claw-like left hand, which you must crouch under to avoid getting hit by; however, they will curve around once they have reached the right side of the screen, so you will then have to jump over them. Once you have fired off thirty shots at him to defeat him, he will explode. 20000 points.