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Rolling Thunder 2 ending.png

Namco's 1990 run and gun arcade game of Rolling Thunder 2 is divided into eight stages (which is two fewer than its predecessor); one player can play alone as former damsel-in-distress "Leila Blitz" or a second player can join in as returning hero "Albatross" on a mission to destroy the resurfaced "Neo-Geldra" organization and their new leader of "Gimdo". The first four stages of the game take place at a seaside resort in the US state of Florida, and the last four stages take place at a pyramid in the country of Egypt (as mentioned on that main page, both of these locations are actually camouflaged Neo-Geldra bases) - five new types of enemies have also been introduced, along with fifth colour of an enemy that previously appeared in that original game.

As in the original game, Leila and Albatross are given a preset time limit to clear each stage in; if any death occurs in a one-player game your character will be sent back to a preset point in the stage. However, if a death occurs in a two-player game, the character who died will be resurrected immediately (unless it was either their last life, or both characters had died simultaneously) - and in a case of the latter, both characters will be sent back, to a preset point in the stage. Once they have made it to the end of a stage, they will receive 10 points for every second of time they have remaining (if a timer runs out, this will cost both of them a life), 50 points for all pistol bullets they have remaining - and 100 points for all machine-gun bullets they have remaining.