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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to guide Prince Fan throughout the realm of Romancia and beyond. Press left or right to make him run in either direction. Press up to make Fan jump. The long er you hold up, the higher he will jump. It is also possible to make Fan perform a double jump by releasing up and pressing it again immediately at the peak of the first jump. You must also press Up to enter buildings talk with people. Press up or down to make him climb ladders. Pressing down sometimes allows Fan to search an area.
  • A button: Press the A button to utilize whichever item in your inventory is currently selected with the cursor around it.
  • B button: Press the B button to swing your sword. Press and hold the B button to fire a sword projectile if you have any attack points remaining. (Be careful not to do this by accident, as attack points are precious.)
  • Start button: Press Start to begin a new game, and to pause the action mid-game. While the game is paused, press left or right on the control pad to move the position of the cursor in your inventory window.
  • Select button: Not used.


Romancia player sprite.png

You control Prince Fan throughout the adventure of Romancia. Prince Fan has a collection of Life Points and Defense Points. When he is attacked, his Defense Points are removed before his Life Points are. Once his Defense Points are depleted, attacks will affect his Life Points directly. Prince Fan will die if his Life Points are reduced to zero and the game will end (unless he happens to possess the Fruit of the Life Tree.)

Prince Fan is in good shape and is quite a capable jumper. If you time it correctly, you can even make Prince Fan double jump in mid-air. To do this, you must release Up dpad at the peak of his first jump, and immediately press it again. It is difficult to do, but if performed correctly, Prince Fan will jump even higher. This technique is useful when you are stuck in a pit and need to escape.

Throughout the game, Prince Fan will never get any stronger or more powerful with his sword. Nor will any of his armor or equipment change. All that you can do to increase your defense is buy Defense Points by repairing your shield. There are a few boss battles that will test Prince Fan's combat ability. If he possesses any Attack Points, he can launch a sword projectile which is very effective, especially against large enemies. However, they are limited, so he musn't use them recklessly.

Finally, It is possible for Prince Fan to make use of magical items, but only if he has Magic Points, which must be bestowed upon him, but not on Earth. If he has Magic Points, he will drain one every time he uses a magical item. If he doesn't not have Magic Points, he may still use the item one time, but it will disappear from his inventory. Be careful not to use up an item that you may still have need for later on.


Romancia player HUD.png

The status bar of the game can be seen at the bottom of the screen at all times. It is broken up into different sections, as follows:

A Messages This is the Message window where you can read what people have to say, or what is written on signs.
B Inventory This window can hold 8 different items. You will not be able to hold any more items if this window is full. Pause the game with Start button and press Left dpad or Right dpad to move the cursor which indicates the active item in use, and press A button to use the item.
C Life Points This is Prince Fan's remaining amount of Life Points. The game is over if this is reduced to 0.
D Attack Points This indicates the number of swords that Prince Fan can throw by pressing and holding B button. If it reaches 0, he can only swing his sword, not throw it.
E Gold coins This represents the amount of money that Fan has collected, which can be used to restore life or defense.
F Magic Points In order to use magical items without using them up, Fan must have Magic Points. However, he can not get them in any earthly realm…
G Defense Points As long as Fan has Defense Points remaining, he will not lose any of his life points. Defense Points are gained by repairing Prince Fan's shield, and they are lost when he is struck by an enemy.
H Karma Rings For every good deed that Prince Fan performs, he gains a Karma Ring. He can lose them just as easily as he gains them. They indicate how pure he is, and are important if he wishes to safely visit the kingdom of heaven.