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Cross Crystal Ball of Foresight
The cross primarily serves as proof that you are the chosen one. If shown to one who already has a tendency to believe that you are the chosen one, he will reward you with another item. However, a fairy who lives in Azoruba can also bless the item and turn it into a powerful magic weapon that can instantly remove enemies from the screen.
The Crystal Ball of Foresight is provided to you in heaven if you have attained enough Karma. However in your hands, the item is useless. There is another in the world who has lost the item and seeks to reclaim it. Return it to him and you will be rewarded with valuable information.
Dragon Slayer Feather of Pegasus
If anyone is attempting to defeat the evil Dragon Vaides, they would have no chance without possession of this sword. Not only is it the only weapon capable of defeating Vaides, it is the only weapon with the ability to summon him to battle as well.
The Feather of Pegasus is a magical item bestowed upon visitors of heaven who have enough Karma. By activating it, one can temporarily fly off the ground by holding Up dpad. It doesn't last long, but it should always last long enough to get you over an obstacle or two.
Fruit of the Life Tree Lamp
The Life Tree is fairly well hidden in the game, but those who find it are greatly rewarded when they pluck the fruit of the Life Tree. This fruit will restore life to those who have died in battle up to five times. Warriors return with 10 Life Points. It shows no sign of wear, so you must track its remaining uses on your own.
The Lamp is provided to those in heaven who seek a way to light the darkness. Many of the passages in Azoruba are pitch black. Though you can kind of feel your way around, or watch how enemies navigate the tunnels, it is far easier to have this item to illuminate the paths.
Magic Key Medicine
The Magic Key is required to open the one locked door that you will find in all of Romancia… and it happens to be in the Graveyard. Finding the key is no easy matter. It is said to be held by a fairy that lives below the Water Gate in Romancia, but one must know the combination to unlock the gate.
Medicine is an essential item when you arrive in Romancia. Several of it's population are sick with an illness, and this medicine must be delivered to those in need. But it has other practical uses. It can restore the wounds of a warrior and return him to a full 30 Life Points. It has also been known to clean water supplies. Bare in mind, however, that medicine is in short supply.
Pendant Rainbow Rod
The location of the Pendant is rumored to be deep underground below Azoruba. A man who lives in the tunnels below the castle knows where to find it, but he is preoccupied looking for a magical item he lost. Return the item to him and its location will be revealed. As for its purpose, it is said to return people to the surface.
The Rainbow Rod is an item that is required to cross the gap in the bridge which leads from Romancia to Azoruba. Without it, Prince Fan will be stuck in Romancia. The rod is actually rumored to be found by ringing the church bell, but another item not listed on this page is required to reach the bell.
Robe Scroll
The robe is an unusual item. At first, its only purpose is to provide you with the means to survive the ascension to heaven. To earn it, you must confirm a man's suspicions that you are the chosen one. However, with enough Karma, a heavenly person will bestow protective powers over the robe. For the cost of three Magic Points, it will temporarily render you invulnerable.
The scroll is possibly one of the greatest puzzles in the game. Below a pit in a house in Azoruba, you will find four men who each provide you with a scroll. However, only one is the true scroll, but it is cursed and the curse must be fully lifted before Prince Fan can fully explore the dungeon of Azoruba Castle.
Soul Spring Water
The souls of six people buried in the graveyard did not successfully find their way to heaven. They wait locked behind a door in the form of birds. If Fan catches one of the birds, he can attain one of these souls. While in heaven, he must exchange his soul with another in order to be permitted to return to earth.
The Spring Water is collected from a fountain that is hidden from normal view in Romanica. By itself, it does nothing special. However, once it is blessed in heaven, it becomes a powerful magical item that can break curses. Those who wish to raise their Karma will use the bless spring water to break curses cast over innocent citizens rather than killing them.