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The game's protagonist. Also known as Serdic's nameless body double. He took the place of the crown prince permanently during the invasion of the Meir Empire. Which the Crown Prince handed him the Holy Blade Spanta. And asked him to fulfill his dying wishes. With this, he heads on a quest to reclaim the Kingdom of Bretwalde. Though, to avoid from situations arising. He must not tell his comrades that he is not the real Serdic.

At stage 20 however, if the player chooses to promote to Arch Paladin by not killing Marie, he was given a new name by Marie, Altrius, which was named after the founder of the Bretwalde Kingdom.


A young soldier who also escaped from the kingdom with Serdic. At times, he would rush in to things without thinking. He fights on horseback, allowing him to wield a two-handed spear. In battle, his partner is Margus, a senior figure from his homeland of Cale.


The heavy infantryman of the group, which his rough exterior belies his easygoing attitude. He also joins up with Kay and Serdic. Due to Kay's actions. He constantly reminds him to not rush into situations easily. And would never forget to strike up conversations with any girl he sees pass by him. He is considered a flirt along with Galahad and Naji.


The Princess of Bretwalde and younger sister to the late Serdic, she was kidnapped at Shalem when she heard the news on Bretwalde's fall, only to be rescued by a party led by "Serdic" later. It was revealed that she already knew about the player being a impostor and the death of her real brother, but is already seeing him as a friend, and so Marie decides to christen the nameless impostor Altrius, this part is only available if you choose to promote Serdic into the more aggressive Arch Paladin by not killing her.


A young archer who is the childhood friend of Serdic, being the only son of Emir Darsin, leader of the Shalem Federation, he is a very popular person. He joined Serdic when he was rescued in stage 5, where he helps the player to defeat the stage boss Jaglat, thus avenging his father.


A young swordswoman who became Ansom's bodyguard at a very young age, she has a secret crush on her master, a "secret" which everyone in Shalem and possibly even Darsin himself, already knew. It was implied that Ansom returns her feelings as well.


Commander of the Wise Bandits, which are situated out of Mount Gareh. People refer to him as a "Gentleman Thief". As with Margus, he too, also forbids his gang from rash and crude behavior. He also dislikes the sea, due to a tragic event in his past where he lost his sister. He also has a crush on Marie, thus explaining his loyalty to the group.


A young mage who studies magic together with his twin brother, Elmer, under their teacher and adopted parent, Arios. Because of his hair and girlish looks, he is often mistaken for a girl, a mistake made by Margus when he first approached him.


Selmer's elder twin brother, he is rude to everybody else except his teacher Arios. He joined the Green Lions in order to protect Almeria and his teacher, but was persuaded by his brother, Selmer, into joining Bertwalde.


A powerful mage in his own right who took in Selmer and Elmer as disciples. He is often holed up in his room doing research, thus explaining how he wasn't noticed by the Green Lions. His love for magic often does more harm than good.


A witch of the Order of Anrah who was taken in at infancy, raised in magic and life by her "grandfather" Galahad. Despite being 12 years old, she acts like an elder sister to Serdic/Altrius, like Marie, she knew immediately that Serdic was a impostor as well. Like to call herself Raine.


Another powerful mage in the Order of Anrah, who raised Igraine when she was a baby. Unfortunately, he is a pervert like Margus and Naji despite his age, in fact, he is a lolicon who wants Igraine to call him Big Brother instead of Grandfather.


The 14 years old Pope of Verona and the Church of Valen, which serves as a counterpart to the Order of Anrah. Even though she is mature enough for her job as the Pope, she can still act childish sometimes, especially when Naji calls her "Aegy-baby" or Yumiluna spilling out her embarrassing moments as a child.


A Templar knight who fights for Verona and Aegil. Being a honest and kind person, he made fast friends with Marie during her stay in Verona, and he came to love listening to her stories.


A priestess living with Verona, where everything about her was decent except her flaw in remembering people's names. Rumour has it that she is doing it on purpose.


A young beastwoman who thinks her beastial traits as a form of a curse, hence leading her to Almeria in search for a cure. But unfortunately, Alhambra was a beastwoman by nature, so there is no cure. Thus Alhambra had no choice other than to cope with her body for the rest of her life, which she eventually accepted.


A Crossbow user who has a rather complicated past with Emperor Gauss and the Grand Meir Empire. According to him, he left due to a complicated past which he refuses to reveal. In addition to Margus and Galahad, he is a pervert too. His favourite pass-time was to tease Aegil. Can only be recruited when Serdic is promoted to Cold Emperor by killing Marie in stage 20.


A mysterious thief who consistently is trying to get her hand on the Holy Blade Spanta. She claims to steal for the sake of others other than herself, with Spanta being an exception.


The current ruler of Cale who grew up with Margus and Kay, she had bore a grudge when the both of them left for Bretwalde when she took the place of her late father. The player may choose to have either Kay or Margus to recruit her by sending anyone of the two knights to Cale. Implied to be in love with Kay. Can only be recruited when Serdic is promoted to Arch Paladin by not killing Marie.


A General in the Grand Meir Empire who commands the Black Lions. As the youngest of all the generals under Gauss, he has a greater sense of justice as compared to his older colleagues. Eventually betrayed Gauss and switched sides after he came to the conclusion that Gauss is no longer the same person he knew.


Her full name is Nata. D. Cotton, who apparently lost her memories and her spells when she fell and knocked her head. She is the main character of the Cotton shooting game series.


A Kunoichi from the eastern lands wandering the world with her partner, Shino, as ordered by Grandboss. Can be a huge glutton and will do anything for food, thus explaining why she was an enemy when recruited on the hidden stage 19. Both Izuna and Shino came from the Izuna dungeon crawler series.


Another Kunoichi from the eastern lands, wandering the world with Izuna as ordered by their leader, Grandboss. Forced to fight on the wrong side as Izuna was "held hostage". She is a strict sister to Izuna.