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Rough Roads
Box artwork for Rough Roads.
Developer(s) Rough Guides
Publisher(s) Rough Guides
Latest version 1.0.5
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) iOS
Mode(s) Single player
Website Official site
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Twitch Rough Roads Channel
YouTube Gaming Rough Roads Channel

Rough Roads is an action game for iOS that was developed and published by Rough Guides on November 15, 2011. There is a flash version of the game available on their official site that was developed by kokogames.

Official description[edit]

"Travel the world in your trusty camper van and beat those Rough Roads. Navigate six exciting destinations; zoom through the streets of Tokyo and New York, traverse the deserts of Egypt and Australia, look out for Big Ben in London and be sure to avoid those elephants in India. Each destination is full of dangers and obstructions just waiting to knock the luggage off your van - keep those suitcases safe or it's game over!"

Table of Contents