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Armor is worn to help protect oneself from attacks. Different kinds of armor provide different amounts of protection, but no armor can protect you completely. Most armour has disadvantages. For example, metal armor conducts magical energy and makes magic based attacks hit more often.

To learn more about combat, see the combat guide. Also please note in this guide I have considered Full Armour to be 1 Full Helmet, 1 Platebody, 1 Platelegs and 1 Square Shield.

Quest Armor[edit]

KHAZARD ARMOR - This armor is used in Fight Arena. In order to get into the Khazard Battlefield, you must be wearing this armor. However, change into better armor once you begin to fight the Khazard Ogre...

Member only Armor[edit]


The second most expensive armor in the game. Most of the dragon pieces can be obtained from drops from monsters, the med. helmet, chain, legs, and the two handed sword dragon full helm can be obtained from drops. Although as of the release of barbarian assault the chain dragon full helm can be obtained there. The scimitar needs the completion of the Monkey Madness quest, and the longsword needs the Lost City quest (they can both be bought from stores in the unlocked areas). The mace requires the Heroes Quest.

You can also get the left half of the dragon square shield from drops from monsters, you need to buy the other half at the legends guild for 750k. You need 60 smithing to put them both together.

  • Dragon legs: 100k
  • Dragon med helm: 30k
  • Dragon Chainbody: 3.5 million gp
  • Dragon sq shield: 305k
    • Dragon sq shield right half: 750k
    • Dragon sq shield left half: 65k
    • Dragon Full Helmet:42 million gp
    • Full dragon plate armour set:roughly 49.3 million gp
    • Full dragon chain armor set:roughly 5.5 million gp

Armoured gloves[edit]

(gloves are non-tradeable and are purchesable during the "Recipe for Disaster" quest)

  • Bronze gloves: 150 gp
  • Iron gloves: 500 gp
  • Steel gloves: 1,500 gp
  • Mithril gloves: 2,500 gp
  • Adamant gloves: 4,500 gp
  • Rune gloves: 6,500 gp
  • Dragon gloves: 100k
  • Barrows gloves: 100k

Bronze Armor[edit]

The very worst kind, not worth buying because almost immediately you can get full iron.

  • Bronze Medium Helmet: 10 gp
  • Bronze Full Helmet: 20 gp
  • Bronze Square Shield: 30 gp
  • Bronze Kiteshield: 40 gp
  • Bronze Platelegs: 50 gp
  • Bronze Plateskirt: 50 to 80 gp
  • Bronze Chainbody: 75 gp
  • Bronze Platebody: 100 gp

Full Bronze 175 to 240 gp

You can use the bronze full helm, body, and legs at the warriors guild to fight against and kill. they drop about 5 tokens each kill but be warned... sometimes parts break, so bring extra pieces just in case.

Iron Armor[edit]

  • Iron Medium Helmet: 50 gp
  • Iron Full Helmet: 75 gp
  • Iron Square Shield: 100 gp
  • Iron Kiteshield: 125 gp
  • Iron Platelegs: 150 gp
  • Iron Plateskirt: 150 to 280 gp
  • Iron Chainbody: 200 gp
  • Iron Platebody: 300 gp

Full Iron 650 to 2000 gp

Black Armour[edit]

  • Black Medium Helmet: 300 to 1,000,0 gp
  • Black Full Helmet: 1,500 to 2,500,0 gp
  • Black Square Shield: 1,000,0 gp
  • Black Kiteshield: 2,000 gp to 3,000,0 gp
  • Black Platelegs: 1,500 to 2,000,0 gp
  • Black Plateskirt: 1,500 gp to 2,000,0 gp
  • Black Chainbody: 1,000 gp to 2,000,0 gp
  • Black Platebody: 3,000 to 3,500,0 gp

Full Black 7500 to 12500,0 gp

Steel Armor[edit]

  • Steel Medium Helmet: 150 gp
  • Steel Full Helmet: 300 to 550 gp
  • Steel Square Shield: 350 gp
  • Steel Kiteshield: 850 to 1028 gp
  • Steel Platelegs: 500 to 1000 gp
  • Steel Plateskirt: 500 to 1000 gp
  • Steel Chainbody: 500 to 700 gp
  • Steel Platebody: 1,000 to 1,960 gp

Full Steel 2500 to 5000 gp

Mithril Armor[edit]

  • Mithril Medium Helmet: 450 to 500 gp
  • Mithril Full Helmet: 1,000 gp
  • Mithril Square Shield: 1,000 gp
  • Mithril Kiteshield: 2,000 to 3,000 gp
  • Mithril Platelegs: 2,000 to 3,000 gp
  • Mithril Plateskirt: 2,000 to 3,000 gp
  • Mithril Chainbody: 2,000 to 4,000 gp
  • Mithril Platebody: 5,000 gp

Full Mith 15000 to 25000 gp

Adamant Armor[edit]

Adamant Full Helm
Armor RuneScape AdamantFullHelm.png
Description  A full face helmet.
Weight  3kg
Buy (gp)  ??
Sell (gp)  ??
Market (gp)  2,500 to 3,000
Attack Bonuses
Stab  0
Slash  0
Crush  0
Magic  -6
Range  -2
Defense Bonuses
Stab  +19
Slash  +21
Crush  +16
Magic  -1
Range  +19
Other Bonuses
Strength  0
Prayer  0
Adamant Medium Helm
File:Armor RuneScape Adamant Medium Helm.png
Description  ??
Weight  2kg
Buy (gp)  1.24-1.31k
Sell (gp)  760
Market (gp)  1,000 to 2,000
Attack Bonuses
Stab  +0
Slash  +0
Crush  +0
Magic  -3
Range  -1
Defense Bonuses
Stab  +14
Slash  +15
Crush  +13
Magic  -1
Range  +14
Other Bonuses
Strength  +0
Prayer  +0
Adamant platebody
File:Armor RuneScape Adamant platebody.png
Description  ??
Weight  ??
Buy (gp)  ??
Sell (gp)  ??
Market (gp)  ??
Attack Bonuses
Stab  +??
Slash  +??
Crush  +??
Magic  -??
Range  -??
Defense Bonuses
Stab  +??
Slash  +??
Crush  +??
Magic  -??
Range  +??
Other Bonuses
Strength  +??
Prayer  +??
Adamant platelegs
File:Armor RuneScape Adamant platelegs.png
Description  ??
Weight  ??
Buy (gp)  ??
Sell (gp)  ??
Market (gp)  ??
Attack Bonuses
Stab  +??
Slash  +??
Crush  +??
Magic  -??
Range  -??
Defense Bonuses
Stab  +??
Slash  +??
Crush  +??
Magic  -??
Range  +??
Other Bonuses
Strength  +??
Prayer  +??
  • Adamant Square Shield: 3,000 to 4,000 gp
  • Adamant Kiteshield: 5,000 to 8,000 gp
  • Adamant Platelegs: 4,500 to 5,000 gp
  • Adamant Plateskirt: 4,500 to 6,300 gp
  • Adamant Chainbody: 7,500 gp to 10,000 gp
  • Adamant Platebody: 16,000 gp to 18,000 gp

Rune Armor[edit]

The best armor available to F2P. A full set costs about 180-205k.

  • Rune Medium Helmet: 10,000 to 20,000 gp
  • Rune Full Helmet: 25,000 to 35,000 gp
  • Rune Square Shield: 5000 to 20000gp
  • Rune Kiteshield: 45,000 to 55,000 gp
  • Rune Platelegs: 40000 to 50,000 gp
  • Rune Plateskirt: 35000 to 45,000 gp
  • Rune Chainbody:40,000 to 50,000 gp 32,000 to 40,000 in G E
  • Rune Platebody: 50,000 to 85,000 gp
  • Rune Berserk shield: 250000 to 285000 gp

Full Rune 180000 to 205000 gp

Granite Armor[edit]

You can get the Body from Barbarian Assault, the Shield from Gargoyles, and the Legs from Skeletal Wyverns. This armor is an anti range armor, its melee defence stat are a bit worse than rune but it has an excellent range def bonus

Barrows (Set) Armor[edit]

Barrows armor are some of the best armors in the game, each set has its own effect that can be used when you have the full set of armor.

Ahrim Armor[edit]

The magic set of barrows armor pieces include:

Ahrim's Hood, Robe (top), robe (bottom), and staff.

When wearing the full set and using magic attack, the set will lower the strength of your opponent.

Dharok Armor[edit]

Pieces include:

  • Dharok's great axe,
  • body,
  • legs, and
  • helmet.

Dharok's special ability: with full set, as your constitution decreases you will hit higher depending on boosts and strength (max hit seen is 1020) Although not quite 200% damage at 1 constitution, its around 198.5%

This armor is mainly used for duels and minigame, although occasionally used for PvP and PvM, a popular choice for "Rushers" Sometimes used for training in correlation with prayer pots or a close altar.

Guthan Armor[edit]

Pieces include:

Guthan's helmet, warspear, chainskirt, and body.

The set effect of this armor is it drains health from your opponent and gives it to you.

This armor is often used to train with because it considerably lowers the amount of food you use. It’s also useful when doing fight cave and training slayer.

Karil Armor[edit]

Karil is the ranger of the barrows brothers. Pieces include:

Karil's coif, crossbow, leathertop, and leatherskirt.

Karil's set effect lowers your opponent's agility.

Torag Armor[edit]

Torag has the joint best defence of all the barrow armors, tied with Dharoks.

Parts of the set
  1. Torag's hammer
  2. Torag's helmet
  3. Torag's body
  4. Torag's legs

it also has a 15% chance of draining the players run energy

Verac Armor[edit]

Verac's armor set contains:

Verac's flail, helmet, brassard, and skirt.

Verac's set effect has a 15% chance of hitting through armor/prayer.

Repair Cost[edit]

  • Barrows Weapons: 100,000
  • Barrows Bodies: 90,000
  • Barrows Legs: 80,000
  • Barrows Helmets: 60,000

Note: if your have a POH (player owned house) with an armor stand, you can repair your barrow set for less than what it would cost at a shop. You can get your armour repaired by Bob in Lumbridge, Dunstan in Burthorpe, Tindel in Port Khazard or the Squire on the Void Knights outpost.

Dagganoth Armor[edit]

Spined Armor[edit]

Made from dagganoth hide, this armor is mainly used by rangers, but it isn’t really worth the cost and isn’t that good.

Spined armour is approvimately 73k-86k and is only used for low rangers that wish to have a little bit of boost in their def. ( roughly 1 or 2 more points than green dhide.)

Rock-Shell Armor[edit]

Made from the shell of giant rock crab this armor is a melee armor, its power is the same as rune but it cost less

Skeletal Armor[edit]

An armor for mages and the best of the 3 dagannoth armors, skeletal armor offers a good defence bonus and a useful mage bonus. However, it's quite expensive, priced at about 200k each set, but it is well worth the cost to buy.

Ranger Armor[edit]

Rangers can use leather items along with other hide-based armors (Snakeskin and Dragonhide for example).

Armor Name Required Range Required Defence Info
Leather Armor 0 0 This armor boosts your ranged level a tad. It is made from cow hides.
Hard Leather 0 10 Harder than normal leather, this adds an extra defense boost.
Studded Leather 20 20 Smith the studs from steel and attach them to a normal leather body.
Snakeskin Armor 30 30 Defeat Bush Snakes in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup or skin a dead Giant Snake in Temple Trekking. Many hides are required.
Ranger Boots 40 0 This is found in Treasure Trails.
Robin Hood Hat 40 0 Also found in Treasure Trails.
Green Dragonhide Armor 40 40 defeat green dragons and use their hides to make.
Blue Dragonhide Armor 50 40 defeat blue dragons and use their hides to make.
Red Dragonhide Armor 60 40 defeat red dragons and use their hides to make.
Black Dragonhide Armor 70 40 defeat black dragons and use their hides to make.
Green Dragonhide Coif 40 40 Buy from Fist of Guthix game for 100 tokens. Wears out but only requires 30 tokens to repair.
Blue DragonHide Coif 50 40 Same as Green Dragonhide one, except price is 150 tokens.
Red Dragonhide Coif 60 40 Same as others except price is 200 tokens to buy.
Black Dragonhide Coif 70 40 Same as others except price is 300 tokens to buy.


  • Leather Body: 10 gp
  • Leather Gloves: 3-5 gp
    • Leather gloves,like leather boots, are basic clothing and are made of leather. You can make them at lv. 1 crafting.
  • Leather Boots: 3-10 gp
    • Leather boots are a item you can make by low lv crafting leather. They are a relatively common item.
  • Leather Vambraces: 10 gp
  • Leather Chaps: 20-25 gp
  • Leather Cowl: 20-25 gp
  • Leather Coif: 50 gp
  • Leather hardleather body: 50-100 gp
  • Studded body: 500-1,000 gp
  • Studded chaps: 500-1,000 gp

Green Dragonhide[edit]

  • Green D'Hide Vambraces: 860gp (2,500 at Champions Guild)
  • Green D'Hide Chaps: 1.1k gp (3,900 at Champions Guild)
  • Green D'Hide Body: 5k gp (10,000 from Oziach)

Blue Dragonhide (Member item)[edit]

  • Blue d'hide vambraces: 860gp
  • Blue d'hide chaps: 1k
  • Blue d'hide body: 3k
  • Full set: 5k

Red Dragonhide (Member item)[edit]

  • Red d'hide vambraces: 1k
  • Red d'hide chaps: 6k
  • Red d'hide body: 8k
  • Full set: 15k

Black Dragonhide (Member item)[edit]

  • Black d'hide vambraces: 3k
  • Black d'hide chaps: 8k
  • Black d'hide body: 10k
  • Full set: 21k

Magic Armor (Robes)[edit]

Mages are best equipped to use light robe armor.

Robe Name Required Magic Required Defence Info
Mage Robes 20 0 Received from treasure trails.
Mystic Armor 40 20
Splitbark 40 40
Infinity 50 25
3rd Age Robes 60 30 Very expensive.
Lunar Armor 65 40
Ahrim Robes 70 70 Currently the best mage robe in the game.

Magic robes[edit]

  • Blue Wizard robe: 10-50 gp
  • Blue wizard hat: 10-50 gp
  • Blue skirt (Non-magical): 5-20 gp (gives no magic bonus, matches blue robe colour)
  • Black wizard robe: 10-50 gp
  • Black wizard hat: 10-50 gp
  • Black skirt (Non-magical): 5-20 gp (gives no magic bonus, matches black robe colour)

Prayer robes[edit]

  • Priest Robe Top: 5-20 gp
  • Priest Robe Bottom: 5-25 gp
  • Shade Robe Top: can no longer be traded
  • Shade Robe Bottom: can no longer be traded
  • Monk Robe Top: 100-200 gp (can be found in Monastery, level 31 prayer required)
  • Monk Robe Bottom: 100-200 gp (can be found in Monastery, level 31 prayer required)