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Fore more information on what can be made from Bars see the Smithing guide.


Bar type Average selling price
RuneScape Bronze bar.pngBronze Bar 10-20 gp
Runescape Iron bar.pngIron Bar 150-200 gp
RuneScape Silver bar.pngSilver Bar 150-300 gp
RuneScape Steel bar.pngSteel Bar 400-600 gp
RuneScape Gold bar.pngGold Bar 150-250 gp
RuneScape Mithril bar.pngMithril Bar 700-1,100 gp
RuneScape Adamant bar.pngAdamant Bar 1,500-3,000 gp
RuneScape Rune bar.pngRune Bar 10,000-15,000 gp

Note: The selling price can and will change with time.

How to turn a profit[edit]

If a player just wants to sell their bars or ores they get from mining, then the prices above are what they should follow.

Steel bars are the recommended bars to sell, as many players make steel plates to level up their smithing level, so there is a large demand for these bars. The best places to sell or buy bars is in Falador and Varrock.

With the recent addition of the Grand Exchange, a player can make a large profit in a relatively short amount of time by selling bars there. However, if one could find a player buyer in person instead of using the Grand Exchange, prices will usually be better.

For those with a high magic skill[edit]

If a player's magic level is 55 and their smithing level is 48, then they can make a great amount of money.

Using the spell high level alchemy, a player can make a great profit from using the spell (using the spell is also known as 'high alcing', pronouncing the 'c' as a 'k') on steel plates. When a player high alcs a steel platebody, they receive 1,200gp. So if a player has 100 steel plates, and they have enough runes to high alc the plates, then they've just made 120,000gp. The only con is that high alcing can be slow and boring, and the player has to have enough runes to cast the spell.

It is not recommended players sell what they make to general stores, as these stores give players cheap prices. Instead, they should high alc them. If their magic level is not high enough, then players should sell what they made to other players. Players are strongly recommended that they do not use the weaker alchemy spell, low level alchemy, as this spell gives players a very small amount of gp than they would receive from high alcing.