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Almost every creature you would expect to have a skeleton usually drops bones. You can pick them up and bury them by clicking on them to gain 4 experience for your Prayer skill. Some stronger monsters drop bones that are worth more experience.

People who are not developing their Prayer skill will often leave bones behind, so be sure to pick them up and bury them whenever you see them.

Name Experience gained from burying Selling price Dropped by Notes Members only
Bones 4.5 144-170 Almost every NPC and wearker monsters. These bones look very small and most monsters drop them. Some random events also leave bones. No
Burnt Bones 4.5 550-600 N/A These bones are found in the wilderness in the northeast near the Greater Demons. They are not rare and give no more experience than regular bones. No
Monkey Bones 5 550-600 Monkeys. These bones are dropped by monkeys around the volcano on Karamja. No
Bat Bones 5.33 Giant Bats. Yes
Big Bones 15 550-600 All giants. These are the highest bones that free players can bury. No
Jogre Bones 15 Jogres. These give as much experience as big bones. Yes
Baby Dragon Bones 30 Red and Blue Baby Dragons. Yes
Skeletal Wyvern Bones 50 Skeletal Wyverns. Yes
Dragon Bones 72 1600-25000 All dragons. Yes
Dagganoth Bones 125 Dagannoth Kings. Yes