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RuneScape has an active economy based around tokens referred to variously as coins, gold, gold pieces (from which comes the abbreviation GP), or gp. Unfortunately, the economy is in chaos, as there is no tax system and no limit to the number of coins in circulation.

Common abbreviations for money (note 1 can be replaced with any number):

  • Rs1gp.png1 gp = One gold piece
  • Rs100gp.png100 gp = One gold piece
  • Rs250gp.png250 gp = One gold piece
  • 1k = One thousand gold pieces
  • Rs10k.png10k = One thousand gold pieces
  • Rs100k.png100k = One thousand gold pieces
  • Rs1m.png1mil = One million gold pieces (somewhat rare)
  • 1bil = One billion gold pieces (very rare, the result of getting very lucky at the barrows)
  • 1tril = non existent, as the max gold pieces you can have is 2 billion, unless this is in the form of many party hats.

All Banks on RuneScape have this RuneScape Bank symbol.png as their Symbol. RunescapeRsbank2.png