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That sick-minded General Khazard! He attacked these people and forced them to fight in his arena. Your mission: to free them.

Must be a good fighter. You can use ranged to kill the baddies without them touching you.
To start
Talk to Lady Servil.
Items Needed
Combat Gear
  1. Search houses until you find a cupboard with Khazard Armor. Put this on.
  2. Infiltrate the Khazard HQ. Talk to Jeremy through the bars.
  3. Talk to the captain of the guards. He should mention Khali Brew.
  4. Buy some Khali brew at the nearby pub.
  5. Give it to the Guard. He should get drunk and you get the keys.
  6. Try to unlock Jeremy's cage. Oops, you just got thrown in jail.
  7. Put on battle gear. Then talk to the fightslave.
  8. You'll be thrown into an arena. Defeat a cruel, stupid, Khazard Ogre (Lvl-68).
  9. Next up is a Khazard Scorpion (Lvl-40).
  10. Defeat General Khazard's dog, Bouncer (Lvl-143).
  11. If you really hate General Khazard (Lvl-120), you can kill him. However, you don't need to.
  12. Exit the arena and talk to Lady Servil to claim your reward.
500gp and some attack XP.