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Home, Sweet Home[edit]

Lumbridge is the place you will begin your adventures in RuneScape. It serves many purposes, including the default respawn point, a number of quest starting points, the location of the only beginner task set, and is more or less "noobtopia". Lumbridge is a great place for low-level characters to practice nearly all skills.

Shops and Places of Interest[edit]

Lumbridge Castle
Lumbridge bank, located on the third floor of Lumbridge Castle.
Lumbridge General Store

RuneScape Lumgenstor.png

Bob's Brilliant Axes

RuneScape Bba.png

Lumbridge Fishing Supplies

RuneScape Fishlumstor.png

Lumbridge Church
Lumbridge Musician

Quests Started in Lumbridge[edit]

Places to Train[edit]