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Father Aereck[edit]

Father Aereck is the priest presiding over the church in Lumbridge. In his church you can:

  • Talk to Father Aereck and start "The Restless Ghost" quest.
  • Buy a new gravestone from Father Aereck after completing the above quest.
  • Play the organ.
  • Go up the stairs and ring the bell.

Barfy Bill[edit]

This members-only person will teach you about canoes. You can find him in Lumbridge. His favorite canoe is a Dugout Canoe.

Father Urhney[edit]

Father Urhney is a monk that can be found in his house in the southeast corner of Lumbridge Swamp. If you talk to him without having the quest, The Restless Ghost, he will be very rude. Talking to him without the quest is completely useless.

If you have the quest and talk to him, he will still be rude, but tell him that Father Aereck sent you and that he has a ghost in his graveyard. After some conversation he will give you an Ghostspeak amulet that you can use to talk to the Restless ghost.

In this quest, Father Aereck says that he is an expert on ghosts.

Some things you can find in his house[edit]

  • Always
    • Leather gloves : There are some Leather gloves on the floor next to the table.
  • Random
    • Crate
      • Leather boots
      • Pot
  • Boxes
    • Coins

Fred the farmer[edit]

Fred the Farmer is found by following the path north of Lumbridge, he owns the sheep in the paddock and will happily give you a quest (Sheep Shearer) if you ask. He doesn't do much more but refer to the Sheep Shearer guide if you need help on the quest he gives you.

RuneScape Guide[edit]

This guy will greet you when you start out your character. He has a red beret.