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Pest control is one of the most fun NPC versus. Player mini-game in RuneScape a combat level of 40+ to start the mini-game. Which gives easy xp and maybe some GP. Go to the squire (on the most southern dock) in Port Sarim and she will take you to The Void Knight Outpost (see places). The aim of the game is to keep the void knights alive for 20 minutes of destroy all four portals.

You only get money from destroying the portals and must do at least 50 damage to earn reward points, also you can get extra points by destroying those annoying barriers.

Players in this game (like castlewars) can fight as a mage, archer or warrior. Melee is one of the easiest to use for it will not consume your resources as much as maging and ranging. All low levels should bring food but nothing more then lobbies are really need even for a level 40. Between rounds you can use the bank and the rounds are so short you won't need anything such as swordfish. Also some of the lower level characters are encouraged to bring a hammer and axe to repair the broken barricades. Remember if you are killed you will not lose any items. And will not be sent to Lumbridge.


At first arrival pests will swarm out of the portals and attack the voidknight, which obviously you don't want dead here are the monsters you will encounter.

The Brawler nearly never attacks the Void Knight so there not much of a worry.

Defilers can attack through gate but tend not to attack the VOid Knights if you do see a Defiler attack a Void Knight, kill it.

The Ravager will break your barricades and gates with great ease if you see one heaing towards a gate kill it.

The Shifter can teleport beyond gates and attack the Void Knight, but most of them just attack players. If you're focusing on portals, just ignore them.

The Spinners repair portals so if you see one kill it. Simple.

The Splatter Ignore it it simple bounces around and explodes when it hits a barricade damaging all nearby, even the pests.

The Torcher uses a fire attack that can go through closed gates kill all that come near the Void Knight.

Portal These are you main concern kill them quickly for easy reward points.

Easy Strategies Destroying the four portals is much easier then keeping the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes so you should resort to that here is what all the players hsould do.

Portal Destroyers These are the higher leveled players they should kill any Spinners or Ravagers in sight and work in groups progressively destroying the portals.

NOTE: Quite a few of the pests block your ovement so make an effort to move around them.

Protectors Any low to medium players should bring a hammer and axe to repair gates, keep the gates closed and attack all pests but the Shifter. You should have 5-9 of these Protectors for a successful game.

Two of them should stand in front of the East and West gates , open or closed, to block the NPCs that walk in as they can not walk through you. These players will get experience fighting them off as they come to the gate. Have the others kill the various shifters, or other creatures, that managed to get through by some way or another, and protect the southern gate. This will greatly help protect the Void Knight while the other players work on portals, and you will never have to worry about if the gates are broken down. Make sure the 2 players at the East and West gates are in their position the entire time. If they move, the line will break up and they will not be able to block your enemies alone. Remember, if you are blocking at the East or West gate, you can ONLY attack the NPC adjacent to you. Ignore the Ravagers and Splatters that may wander through you, and just attack the enemies in line as they approach you. This form of blocking will entirely prevent any monsters from the East or West gates attacking the Void Knight. Except Shifters, of course.

Also Note that if there is a shifter on the south side of the Void Knight, do not attack it because it will block all range and mage attacks of the other monsters. Do not walk near the person blocking the gates because if you are not this person, walking through them allows the enemies to pass, so even though you may be trying to help repair a gate, your aid could be counterproductive.


In summary, you'll want to make sure that you can destroy all the portals FASTER than the Void Knight dies. Keep those gates shut and kill any Ravagers you see, distract any Spinners you see, and you should be on your way to a nice healthy reward. Also, if you were planning on going with friends, do not expect to always be teaming up with them. The boat fills up with 25 players rather quickly, at least for now, and it is highly likely that you will have trips which separate you from any friends who are also there.

Remember, you get all the normal experience you would from combat while you are in this minigame, so this can actually turn into fairly fast training if you are consistently successful

Rewards: Experience and GP[edit]

Upon success, you will receive a Void Knight Commendation Point. If you succeed via destroying all 4 portals, you will receive GP as well, which you get at the end of the round and do not need to redeem any points for. The amount is 10 times your combat level, so if you are level 40, you will get 400 GP for each successful voyage.

You can not get any more then 500 points. With each point you may choose experience in any combat skill (note, slayer is NOT a combat skill). You just need to go to the Void Knight at the northern end of the camp who has the right click option to "Exchange".

Also in the future there will be more rewards so you may want to save some of those points.