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To begin Plague City you must first talk to Edmond in the northwest corner of East Ardougne, north of Ardougne Castle. He will tell you that his daughter Elena left for the plagued West side of Ardougne but has not returned yet. He will ask you to find her for him. You will have to get dwellberries for his wife to make you a gas mask. You will also need a pestle and mortar. You can get the berries in McGruber's woods, north of Ardougne. Before you leave, you will need the portrait of her on the table in Edmond's house. You will need a spade and four buckets of water. Pour the buckets of water onto the mud. Now that the mud is softened up, dig the spade into the mud. Once you are in the sewer, ask Edmond (who followed you down) which pipe to enter into west Ardougne. You will need some rope. Go to the pipe and open the grill. It will say that it wont open. Tie the rope to the the grill. Ask Edmond to help you pull the rope. When the grill is out, while wearing the gas mask, climb into the pipe. Before you leave, Edmond will tell you to talk to a man named Jethick. Show him the picture of Elena and he will tell you that she stayed with the Rehnisons, a family that live in a house in the north. Talk to Milla upstairs in the house and she will tell you where Elena is. She will say that she was kidnapped. Go to Bravek, who is in a building south of the manhole that you entered. Talk to the clerk and he will tell you to go upstairs to Bravek. He will have a headache and will need a cure. He will give you a note with what the cure needs in it. Get the items and give him the cure. He will give you a warrant to enter the plagued house that Elena is locked up in. Enter the house by showing the mourner the warrant. Get a key by searching the barrel. Go down the stairs and rescue Elena. Once you've rescued Elena go back to Edmond to get a reward.

Reward:Teleport to Ardougne, 1qp, 2425 mining xp