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Random events are events that happen at random times. They were introduced to stop autoers, or people who use a program to do their work. Some random events include NPCs wanting players to do a task for them and rewarding them if they are successful or a monster that will attack the player. In woodcutting, there quite a few of random events.


These will appear while you're doing certain tasks. Their levels vary according to your own.

Rock Golem[edit]

Mining is a very loud task you know, and the constant DINK DINK DINK could wake up one of these "rocks with attitude." You can run away or fight them. They drop ores and pickaxes according to their level. (Did you expect a level 21 to drop a rune pick? I didn't think so.)

River Troll[edit]

"FISHIES BE MINE, LEAVE DEM FISHIES!" Though trolls don't have much when it comes to intelligence, they can pack a powerful punch. They won't share their fish with any fishermen, either. They might drop fish according to their level, or you can always run away.

Events caused by chopping trees[edit]

  • Tree Spirits: While cutting trees, a Tree Spirit may appear and will begin attacking a player. The combat level of the spirit depends on your level, but it will always be higher then the player's combat level. The Tree Spirit's combat level varies from level 14 to 170. The player can either kill it or run away from it. If a player kills a Tree Spirit, it can drop some axes, seeds for members, bananas, runes or nothing.
  • Axe Splitting: While cutting trees, the player's axe might split, causing the axe head to fly off. The head will land somewhere nearby, usually 3 to 10 squares away. When this happens, the player has to find the axe head quickly before someone else sees it and grabs it. When the player has found the axe head, they can use it with their handle to put the axe back together.
  • Nests: If the player is a member, a nest may fall out of the tree they are cutting. They can either pick up the nest and search it or just leave it on the ground, though it is recommended that the player search it. When the player searches it, they will be given a random item, such as a gem, jewelery, some gp, or even a tree seed that can be used for farming. If the player's herblore level is 81, they can use the nest with a pestle and mortar to crush it and make a Saradomin Brew. If their herblore level is not 81, then the player can either put the nest in their bank or drop it.
  • Ents: A tree can also turn into an ent. Players can notice this if the tree they are cutting starts shaking and has an angry face somewhere on it's trunk. As soon the tree starts shaking, players must walk away and wait for the tree to transform back into it's original state. If the player keeps cutting the tree, the ent will break the axe. To fix it, players will have to take the axe back to Bob, the owner of Bob's Axes, located in Lumbridge, to get it fixed for a price.

Costume Points[edit]

Some random events will give out gift boxes at the end of them if you complete them successfully e.g. mime event. Sometimes there will be clothing points as a choice in that gift. These points will go towards a certain costume part to do with that event. You have to travel to the Varrock clothing shop and talk to the old lady. Then you can pick a costume part.