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Description: Recent research at the Wizards Tower has found a way to create Runes for the first time in centuries. Assist the head wizard Sedridor in his research and he too may teach you these secrets!

Starting Point: Lumbridge Castle. Go to the second floor and talk to the Duke of Lumbridge.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium (lots of walking)

Requirements: 37 magic (if you don't want to walk)

Items Needed: None

The Duke of Lumbridge will give you an Air Talisman and tell you to bring it to the head wizard in the Wizards' Tower. Go to the Wizards' Tower, which is south of Draynor, and go downstairs to the basement.

Wizard Sedridor is the head wizard. Look for him in the basement and then talk to him. He will take your Air Talisman and give you a package that you have to deliver to the Aubury in Varrock. The Aubury is south of Varrock's west bank, and is inside the runes shop. So go to Varrock and talk to the Aubury.

Talk to him twice and he'll want you to deliver some notes to Wizard Sedridor. So go back to the Wizards' Tower and go down into the basement and talk to Wizard Sedridor.

The wizard will give you back your Air Talisman and will explain to you the rune crafting skill. When he is done talking, you will be done the quest.

Reward: 1 Quest Point and the ability to do the Runecrafting skill.


1 QP

Getting the Quest[edit]

You get the quest from Duke Horacio in the second level of the castle in Lumbridge. Ask him for a quest and he will say that he has a strange amulet and asks you to take it to the head wizard at the Wizard's Tower. Then he will give you an Air talisman.

Delivering the Air Talisman[edit]

The Wizards Tower is found directly south of Draynor Village, across the bridge and in the sea. The head wizard is Seridor and can be found in the first room of the basement of the Wizard's Tower. Tell him you are looking for the head wizard, give him the talisman and he will give you a Research package to take to Aubury in the Rune shop of Varrock.

Getting to Varrock[edit]

Go back to Lumbridge. From there, go across the stream and follow the road until you reach a fork. Take the east fork and follow it until you come to another fork. Take the north road and follow it to yet another fork. At this fork, the west fork takes you into Varrock.

Finding the Rune Shop[edit]

Continue west on the road you are on until you reach a four way intersection. Take the south road. Follow it until it starts to curve eastward. Here there are two shops. One has an anvil in it, and the other is the Rune Shop. Talk to Aubury, tell him that you have a package for him and give it to him. He will request a minute to look it over and stop talking to you. After a few seconds, talk to him again. He will then give you the Notes to take back to Seridor.

Finishing the Quest[edit]

Go back to the Wizard's Tower and give the notes to Seridor. He tell you about the history and research going on inside the tower. This finishes the quest.