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Elemental runes[edit]


The air rune is used for strike spells, bolt spells, blast spells, and wave spells as well as Varrock Teleport, Level 2 Enchant, Lumbridge Teleport, Telekinetic Grab, Falador Teleport, Crumble Undead, Camelot Teleport, Saradomin Strike, Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Charge Air Orb.

Examine: One of the 4 basic elemental runes.

  • Air Runes: 5-20 gp


The Water Rune is used for lvl-1 enchantment spells, water strike, water bolt, water blast, bind, confuse, curse, weaken, Falador Teleport, bones to bananas, snare, charge water orb, Ardougne Teleport, bones to peaches, lvl-5 enchantment, vulnerability, water wave, Teleport to Ape Atoll, Enfeeble, entangle, stun and teleother to Falador.

  • Water Runes: 5-20 gp


Used for level 2 enchant spells (emerald jewelry). Also obviously used for earth strike, bolt, blast, and wave. It and the water rune are used for weaken, curse, and confuse.

  • Earth Runes: 5-20 gp


Used for 3rd level enchant spells (ruby jewelry. Obviously used for fire strike, bolt, blast, and wave.

  • Fire Runes: 10-20 gp

Combination runes[edit]

Mist rune[edit]

(Water & Air)

Mud rune[edit]

(Water & Earth)

Dust rune[edit]

(Earth & Air)

Lava rune[edit]

(Earth & Fire)

Smoke rune[edit]

(Fire & Air)

Steam rune[edit]

(Water & Fire)

Missile runes[edit]

Mind rune[edit]

This rune is used for basic level missile spells. It can be used in the strike spells. It respawns in Lumbridge Castle and Varrock Sewers. Requires level 2 runecrafting to make.

Examine: Used for basic level missile spells

  • Mind Runes: 10-25 gp

Chaos rune[edit]

  • Chaos Runes: 100-150 gp
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Death rune[edit]

  • Death Runes: 200-300 gp
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Blood rune[edit]

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Curse runes[edit]


(low level weakening spells)

  • Body Runes: 5-10 gp


(high level weakening spells and for one teleportation spell)

Miscellaneous runes[edit]


  • Used for: Alchemy, Binding, and Transformation.

The Nature Rune is one of types of Runes in MMORPG RuneScape. It is very useful Rune because it is used to cast spells for changing things.

Here is List of spells that use Nature Rune:

Level Spell Name Ingredients
15 Bones to Bananas 2 Earth Runes, 2 Water Runes, 1 Nature Rune
20 Bind 3 Earth Runes, 3 Water Runes, 2 Nature Runes
21 Low level alchemy 3 Fire Runes, 1 Nature Rune
43 Superheat Item 4 Fire Runes, 1 Nature Rune
50 Snare 4 Earth Runes, 4 Water Runes, 3 Nature Runes
55 High level alchemy 5 Fire Runes, 1 Nature Rune
60 Bones to Peaches 4 Earth Runes, 4 Water Runes, 2 Nature Rune
79 Entangle 5 Earth Runes, 5 Water Runes, 4 Nature Runes
  • Nature Runes: 200-300 gp


Used for teleportation (any teleportation spell, except for tele-other) and for telekinetic grab (telekinesis); worth about 1k if only 1 or 2 are bought, like when a player is out, and they need to go someplace. They are bought 300 each in bulk.

  • Law Runes: 750-1,000 gp


Used for enchanting jewlery (turns an emerald amulet into an amulet of defence, Ruby ammy -> Ammy of strength, sapphire ring -> RIng of recoil, ertc.)).

  • Cosmic Runes: 75-150 gp


(Lunar Spells) This spell set can only be acquired after doing the member's quest called Lunar Diplomacy.