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  • 99 Agility
  • 78 Cooking
  • 31 Prayer
  • 5 Crafting
  • At least 200 Quest points


  • Desert Treasure
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • The Fremminik Trials
  • Fremminik Isles
  • Monkey Madness
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Mini-Quest: Bar Crawl


  • Dusty Key
  • Black Dragonhide
  • Dragon Scimitar
  • Dragon Longsword
  • DragonFire Shield
  • Dragon Dagger p(++)
  • 3rd age robe set
  • Abbysals Whip
  • Santa Hat
  • Full Dragon Armor
  • Full Dharoks Armor
  • Dragon Claws


To start this quest you must speak to Thormac in Sorceress' Castle just south of Seer's Village. He will tell you that he is missing his scorpions and he will give you a scorpion cage, Now go to the Seer at Seer's Village and talk to him...

He will say a description of a place...

Now you must head off to High Level Wilderness, Level 52-4. Now head to Mage Arena and wait there till a scorpion appears.

Do not worry about dying as the mage arena will protect you... Be sure to bring all the items metioned. With it optional having the ghostly set.

All 3 scorpions will respawn in this area so try to look around and catch any... nce you have caught them go to Tormac and he will tell you that he can make your staff more powerful give him a staff and 40,000gp and there it is...

Quest complete.