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Dungeoneering is a skill which involves searching the dungeons of Daemonheim within RuneScape. Inside of Daemonheim you will find you can not bring any outside item in which means you will have to go in naked(no armour or weapons) to obtain armour,weapons,runes,staffs and many other things you must create/find them within Daemonheim,these items can not be brought back out of Daemonheim but you may bind items(the amount you can bind depends on your level in Dungeoneering)a bound item will be with you when ever you start a floor within Daemonheim.As you level in Dungeoneering you will gain access to deeper floors within Daemonheim,the max amount of floors for a free player is 35 which is unlocked at level 69, for members the floors go a lot higher all the way up to floor 60 which is unlocked at level 119.Dungeoneering is the only skill at the moment that can reach level 120 which is considered true skill mastery.


Complexity levels[edit]

Complexity levels range from 1-6, every new complexity level allows you to use several more skill you will still have the ability to use skill that were in a previous complexity level for example if ure in complexity 2 u get those skill to use plus complexity 1's skill so for complexity 6 you use all of the skill found in every complexity level.

1)At complexity level 1, only your combat skills are required - Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged and Strength. You may also use your Construction skill to upgrade a construction hotspot in the starting room. Note that, although Summoning is a combat skill, you will not be able to use it unless you are in a complexity level 6 dungeon.

2)you will have several other skills open to you now like Cooking, Firemaking, Fishing and Woodcutting.

3)level 3 complexity enables you to use several more skills, specifically those that can be put to use making weapons and equipment: Smithing and Fletching, Mining, and Runecrafting.

4)Once more, higher complexity leads to a greater range of available features in the dungeon. You will be able to use your skills to farm a number of plants, hunt a variety of creatures, and then to take advantage of your resources to make your own armour.

5 and 6)The final stage of complexity allows you to use the following further skills and techniques: Farming seeds, Herblore, Summoning and Thieving.

  • keep in mind that level 1 complexity is the easiest but it also takes away a percentage of experience when Complexity level 6 does not take any experience away, experience is gained after completing a floor.


When leveling Dungeoneering you will recive a certin amount of tokens which can be used to purchase several awards outside of Daemonheim. The amount of tokens you receive is 10:1 ratio between experience and tokens. bring these tokens to the rewards trader to collect you rewards in exchange for your tokens.The rewards trader can be found cowering in the Fremennik camp to the south of Daemonheim. The tokens will have been transferred to him via the smuggler,this makes it so the tokens do not take up any inventory/bank space.

Gem bag - 2k tokens Available to all players. Requires a Crafting level of 25 and a Dungeoneering level of 25. The gem bag can hold uncut gems of the following types: -sapphire -emerald -ruby -diamond Up to 100 gems can be held in this way.

Coal bag - 4k tokens Available to all players. The coal bag holds up to 27 pieces of coal. When smithing or superheating, coal in the bag will be used before the coal in your inventory.

arcane necklaces- tokens 6.5,15,30k These necklaces boost the wearer's magic attack and magic damage. The arcane stream necklace is for members only. The arcane pulse necklace offers a 5% damage boost, arcane blast offers a 10% damage boost, and the arcane stream necklace offers a hefty 15% damage boost.

Bone necklaces - 8.5k, 17k and 35k tokens Available to all players. Each necklace has a different level requirement.

Twisted bird skull necklace-requires 30 Prayer and 30 Dungeoneering

Split dragontooth necklace - requires 60 Prayer and 60 Dungeoneering

Demon horn necklace - requires 90 Prayer and 90 Dungeoneering

While worn, these necklaces will give a prayer point boost whenever you bury certain types of bones. The necklaces needed for each type of bone, and their prayer point boosts are listed below:

Bone Type Necklace Prayer Point Bonus

Bones Twisted bird skull necklace Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 1

Burnt bones Twisted bird skull necklace Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 1

Bat bones Twisted bird skull necklace Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 1

Big bones Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 2

Baby dragon bones Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 2

Wyvern bones Split dragontooth necklace Demon horn necklace + 2

Dragon bones Demon horn necklace + 3

Ourg bones Demon horn necklace + 3

Frost dragon bones Demon horn necklace + 3

Longbow sight - 10k tokens The sighted magic longbow is members only. The longbow sight can be attached to a maple or magic longbow to increase its ranged abilities.

Maple longbow (sighted)range lvl45Dungeoneering lvl45range bonus +110

Magic longbow (sighted)(m)range lvl55Dungeoneering lvl45range bonus +140