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Farming is the process of taking seeds and growing them into specific plants. There are herbs, trees, bushes, flowers, wines, and others. This skill is needed only for a few quests. This skill is the only skill that can be trained while not online but there is no way to power train it. Prior to Farming, monster drops was the sole source of herbs. Farming supplies materials used in other skills such as Herblore and Cooking. It is also a good non-combat source of income.

Seeds can be obtained as monster drops or by stealing from either seed stalls in Draynor or master farmers (found in Draynor and north of Ardougne). Only master farmers give high level seeds and herb seeds. Tree seeds and fruit tree seeds need to be taken out of bird's nests which are a random event while woodcutting. They also can be obtained by selecting "Farm" on the Kingdom minigame as well as by playing Vinesweeper.