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Hunter is the art of tracking and capturing prey. In this members-only is skill, you will encounter many different types of beasts and animals and different methods of catching them. To start off, you'll need to visit one or two hunting stores. The Yanille hunting store is just west of the Magic Guild. Speak to Aleck to buy your supplies. Below are the methods of hunting.


In tracking, you need a noose wand, it costs 4gp at either hunting store, to capture the prey that you've tracked. With your noose wand equipped, travel to the region of the animal you want to trap and find a burrow. Follow the footprints and search around where they end to make the next set of footprints appear. After doing this for a while, you will get a message saying you suspect that there is an animal. Attack the what you searched (depends on the area you're in) and you will catch the animal and receive the drops. If you attack the wrong bush you might end up with leather boots or other junk like that. The furs can be changed into camouflage at the Varrock Fancy Dress shop.

Bird Hunting[edit]

Bird Level
Area found Exp Drops
Crimson Swift 1 Jungle region 34 Bones
Red feathers
Raw bird meat
Golden Warbler 5 Desert region 47.6 Bones
Yellow feathers
Raw bird meat
Copper Longtail 9 Desert region 61.2 Bones
Orange feathers
Raw bird meat

If tracking small critters is too easy, try bird hunting. You can capture birds using a Bird Trap which costs 6gp. Lay the trap below the area where the birds are flying then walk a few steps away from the trap and wait for the bird to land on it. It will either be caught or given the chance to escape. If the bird escapes, you will see that your bird trap has fallen to ground level. Take down the trap and reset it.

If you have level 39 hunter, you can smoke a trap so the bird can’t sense your presence.