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Magic in RuneScape involves attacking opponents with spells as well as using spells to make money. It is one of the three combat skills. Magic in RuneScape has three basic sections. Teleportation, Combat, and Alteration. Teleportation can be used to teleport you or a friend to other places in RuneScape, Combat can be used to inflict damage upon another player, and Alteration can be used to change items into gold, or amplify your next attack.

Magic is very similar to ranging as both skills involve attacking from a distance. It's best not to attack your opponents up close with magic, as magic armour is not good against melee. The only type of combat which causes most damage to magic is ranged.

If you only raise magic as your combat stat, then you are called a "mage".


When players mage something, they attack using a spell, usually from a distance.

When using magic, players need runes, which are magic's ammunition. For each spell, there is a certain amount of runes needed. When players cast that spell, those runes are used up. This causes mages to continually buy more runes, making magic a money-consuming skill. Also magic can raise your defense against magic attacks, so if you're not into magic it still might be a good idea to train it.


Runes are what are needed to mage. Below is a table with info on the different kinds of runes.

Name Description Notes
Air Rune One of the four elemental runes. A much often used rune. Can be crafted. Required for attack spells.
Water Rune One of the four elemental runes. A much often used rune. Can be crafted. Required for attack spells.
Earth Rune One of the four elemental runes. A much often used rune. Can be crafted. Required for attack spells.
Fire Rune One of the four elemental runes. A much often used rune. Can be crafted. Required for attack spells.
Mind Rune Required for "strike spells". Used for low level attack spells. Can be crafted.
Body Rune Required for "curse spells". Used to lower opponents attack, strength, or defence slightly. Can be crafted.
Cosmic Rune Required for enchanting jewelery. Only used to enchant jewelery. Can be crafted by members.
Nature Rune Required for "alchemy spells". A much often used rune, useful to make money. Can be crafted by members.
Chaos Rune Required for "bolt spells". Used for medium level attack spells. Can be crafted by members.
Law Rune Required for "teleport spells". Used for teleporting and grabbing things from a distance. Can be crafted by members.
Death Rune Required for "blast spells". Used for high level attack spells. Can be crafted by members.
Blood Rune Required for "wave spells". Used for very high level attack spells. This rune can only be used by members.
Soul Rune Required for "curse spells" and "teleother spells". Used to curse opponents and teleport other players. This rune can only be used by members.

JAGEX recently introduced a new rune called the Astral Rune, it is used to put a bit of magic into mundane actions. It has heal and cure spells, teleport spells and recoil spells in addition to the non-combat skill-related spells.

Unlike the Ancient Magik spells, all Lunar Spells require an Astral Rune, apon completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest you receive the right to use it. The first person to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest was a member of "The Chaos Alliance" which can be found more about under the "Runescape/Guides/Clan" section.


Below is a table of all the normal spells castable. Members only spells are in bold.

Level Spell Runes needed Exp gained per cast
1 Wind Strike 1 Air, 1 Mind 5.5
3 Confuse 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body 13
5 Water Strike 1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Mind 7.5
7 Enchant lvl 1 Jewelry 1 Water, 1 Cosmic 17.5
9 Earth Strike 2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Mind 9.5
11 Weaken 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body 20.5
13 Fire Strike 2 Air, 3 Fire, 1 Mind 11.5
15 Bones to Bananas 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature 25
17 Wind Bolt 2 Air, 1 Chaos 13.5
19 Curse 2 Water, 3 Earth, 1 Body 29
20 Bind 3 Earth, 3 Water, 2 Nature 30
21 Low Level Alchemy 3 Fire, 1 Nature 31
23 Water Bolt 2 Air, 2 Water, 1 Chaos 16.5
25 Varrock Teleport 3 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Law 35
27 Enchant lvl 2 Jewelry 3 Air, 1 Cosmic 37
29 Earth Bolt 2 Air, 3 Earth, 1 Chaos 19.5
31 Lumbridge Teleport 3 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 41
33 Telekinetic Grab 1 Air, 1 Law 43
35 Fire Bolt 3 Air, 4 Fire, 1 Chaos 22.5
37 Falador Teleport 3 Air, 1 Water, 1 Law 48
39 Crumble Undead 2 Air, 2 Earth, 1 Chaos 24.5
41 Wind Blast 3 Air, 1 Death 25.5
43 Superheat Item 4 Fire, 1 Nature 53
45 Camelot Teleport 5 Air, 1 Law 55.5
47 Water Blast 3 Air, 3 Water, 1 Death 28.5
49 Enchant lvl 3 Jewelry 5 Fire, 1 Cosmic 59
50 Iban Blast 5 fire, 1 Death, Iban staff 42.5
50 Snare 4 Earth, 4 Water, 3 Nature 60.5
50 Magic Dart 1 Death, 4 Mind, Slayer staff 30
51 Ardougne Teleport 2 Water, 2 Law 61
53 Earth Blast 3 Air, 4 Earth, 1 Death 31.5
55 High Level Alchemy 5 Fire, 1 Nature 65
56 Charge Water Orb 30 water, 3 cosmic, 1 Glass Orb 56
57 Enchant lvl 4 Jewelry 10 Earth, 1 Cosmic 67
58 Watchtower Teleport 3 earth, 2 law 68
59 Fire Blast 4 Air, 5 Fire, 1 Death 34.5
60 Charge Earth Orb 30 Earth, 3 Cosmic, 1 Glass Orb 70
60 Claws of Guthix 4 Air, 1 Fire, 2 Blood, staff of Guthix 35
60 Flames of Zamorak 1 Air, 4 Fire, 2 Blood, staff of Zamorak 35
60 Saradomin Strike 4 Air, 2 Fire, 2 Blood, staff of Saradomin 35
61 Trollheim Teleport 2 Fire, 2 Law 68
62 Wind Wave 5 Air, 1 Blood 36
63 Charge Fire Orb 30 Fire, 3 Cosmic, 1 Glass Orb 73
64 Ape Atoll Teleport 2 Law, 2 Water, 2 Fire, 1 Banana 74
65 Water Wave 7 Water, 5 Air, 1 Blood 37.5
66 Charge Air Orb 30 Air, 3 Cosmic, 1 Glass Orb 76
66 Vulnerability 5 Earth, 5 Water, 1 Soul 76
68 Enchant lvl 5 Jewelry 15 Earth, 15 Water, 1 Cosmic 78
70 Earth Wave 7 Earth, 5 Air, 1 Blood 40
73 Enfeeble 8 Earth, 8 Water, 1 Soul 83
74 Teleother Lumbridge 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Earth 84
75 Fire Wave 7 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood 42.5
79 Entangle 5 Earth, 5 Water, 4 Nature 91
80 Stun 12 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul 90
80 Charge 3 Air, 3 Fire, 3 Blood 180
82 Teleother Falador 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Water 92
85 Tele Block 1 Law, 1 Chaos, 1 Death 95
87 Enchant lvl 6 Jewelry 20 Fire, 20 Earth, 1 Cosmic 97
90 Teleother Camelot 2 Soul, 1 Law 100

Ancient Magick[edit]

This is a reward from the Desert Treasure quest. The common slang used for it is "Ancients" and players using it are called "Ancienters". The four elements are ice, shadow, smoke, and blood, each with their own respective abilities. The Ancient Magicks are more powerful than normal magic and allow players to poison, freeze, drain, and lower their enemies' attack as well as hit multiple enemies at the same time. Players with Ancient Magick can also teleport to different locations, including several places in the Wilderness. If Ancients are activated the player using them cannot use any normal spells so even players who can use Ancients will often have normal magic activated for alchemy and teleport reasons. Players can switch between the two types by praying at an alter in a pyramid accessed during the quest (praying here reduces the player's prayer points to 0). Ancient Magicks consume more runes than normal spells and often use high level runes.

Please be aware that the Desert Treasure quest is EXTREMELY hard, unless you are a VERY skilled pure or hybrid you should not be under level 75 to do the quest. Getting up to a certain stage in Desert Treasure also gives you the ability to complete Curse of Zaros minigame, giving you "Ghost robes, hoods, gloves, boots and a cape." Ancient spells are very expensive and almost all of them require blood runes. The most effective PKing spell is the almighty Ice Barrage which can hit 30s on multiple people within a 3x3 square radius.