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Map key
Letter What the rock contains MO
U Rune Essence No
c Clay No
C Copper No
T Tin No
L Limestone No
B Blurite No
I Iron No
E Elemental No
S Silver No
O Coal No
P Pure Essence Yes
D Sandstone Yes
G Gold No
N Granite Yes
M Mithril No
A Adamantite No
R Runite No

There are many mines in RuneScape. However, they have their pros and cons. For example, some mines have many rocks but many enemies as well, while other mines have few rocks but no enemies.

To mine, all players have to do is click on a rock. Rocks are located across RuneScape and are shown on the mini-map with a pickaxe icon. When players have found a rock, they can then prospect it to see what ore that rock contains or just mine it right away. However, different mining levels are needed to mine different rocks. Also, rocks are colour coded, meaning each rock has a different rock colour, depending on what the ore is inside the rock.

Free to play mines[edit]

Here are some mines available for free players.

Runescape - Rimmington Mine.png
  • Rimmington Mine: Located northeast of Rimmington, this is a mine mostly used to by low level miners. The mine contains 5 copper rocks, 6 iron rocks, 2 gold rocks, 2 tin rocks, and 2 clay rocks. There are no monsters around and the mine is a good spot if players want to level up mining. However, a bank is very far away, so if a player wants to deposit their rocks, it's best they use another mine closer to a bank.

Runescape - Dwarven Mine.png
  • Dwarven Mine: Located north of Falador and underneath Ice Mountain, the Dwarven Mine is an underground mine. The mine contains 3 clay rocks, 10 tin rocks, 11 copper rocks, 9 iron rocks, 11 coal rocks, 2 gold rocks, 2 mithril rocks, and 3 adamant rocks. It is a very good mine to deposit rocks at a bank, as there's some stairs near the southeastern part of the mine that lead outside near Falador's west bank. However, this mine is always crowded, so players mining here will probably be there for awhile. In the north part of the mine there are many level 10 dwarves, in the south-eastern part lots of level 14 scorpions, and level 32 king scorpions are walking around the southeastern part of the mine, which is where all the iron, coal, mith, and addy rocks are, so players with low combat levels are best to stay away from that part of the mine. There is also a General Store in the western part of the mine, as well as a store where you can buy pickaxes. Also, if players go down the ladder near Ice Mountain to enter the mine rather than the stairs east of Falador's west bank, to the east there is a store that sells hammers, bronze pickaxes, and realistically trades ores and bars (copper ore, tin ore, iron ore, coal ore, copper bars, iron bars, and gold bars), that is any items (ore and bars only) you sell there will not disappear even if no one buys them, and no items apear either. The downside of this is that the shop is only restocked when players sell their ores to the store. This mine is one of the best places for (free) players to level up their mining skill, as if iron is mined near the shop then it can be quickly sold rather than dropped for a bonus to the sought increase in experience.

  • Mining Guild: Located in the South of the Dwarven Mines, contains many coal and a few mithril rocks. It requires mining level 60 to enter. There are no monsters and it is very close to a bank making it the best place to mine coal in the game, the obvious con however is that achieving level 60 can be time consuming.
  • Lumbridge Swamp Mine: Located south of Lumbridge in the swamp behind the castle, this mine contains 2 adamant rocks, 5 mithril rocks, and 7 coal rocks. There are no monsters roaming about, however, there is a con. A bank is very far away, so if a player wants to deposit their rocks, it's best they use anther mine closest to a bank.
Runescape - Al Kharid Mine.png
  • Al Kharid Mine: Located north of Al Kharid and south-east of Varrock, it contains 2 addy, 2 mith, 2 gold, 3 coal, 5 silver, 9 iron, 3 copper, and 1 tin. This is a nice intermediate mine, but only higher-level players should go deep within it, since it is populated with desert scorpions. It's not too close to the Al Kharid bank, but this mine has the advantage of being near the Al Kharid furnace.

  • Crafting Guild Mine: Located southwest of Falador, it contains 6 clay rocks, 6 silver rocks, and 7 gold rocks. This is the best place to mine silver for all players and also the best place to mine gold for free players. However, to enter the guild, a brown apron and a crafting level of 40 are required. Also, because of all the gold and silver rocks, the guild can become crowded at peak times when more than 150,000 players are playing. Also even at 'off-peak' times it can be difficult to mine owing to a few (very) high level miners dominating this small mine.
  • Karmaja Volcano Mine: Located inside the volcano on Karmaja, this mine contains 4 gold rocks. However, a bank is very far away and there are level 25 skeletons walking around as well as level 31 deadly red spiders. For members, there is a bank relatively close in the TzHaar mines. If players have a low combat level, it's best if they stay away from this mine.
Runescape - Varrock West Mine.png
  • There are also some mines southeast and southwest of Varrock. The one in the southwest has 2 silver rocks as well as some tin, clay, and iron. The mine in the southeast has 3 iron rocks as well as a lot of tin and copper rocks, which attract most low level players to start mining here.

Pay to play mines[edit]

Here are some mines available for members.

  • Arzinian mines: the dream of every gold hunter. The Between a Rock... quest is needed to access them, players find out during the quest how to enter the mines. All players have to do after finishing is talk to the dwarf again while wearing the gold helmet to get to the mines. They are filled with both gold veins and rocks. There are 146 rocks in total. Players can mine 27 gold and then remove the helmet to leave. As they walk back to the ferry, they may notice that the dwarven boatman has shifted places. He will now take gold ores to the bank in return for a small part of the ores. While wearing the ring of charos (U) from the Garden of Tranquillity quest, this amount is halved and players also won't have to pay for the ferry. These mines are usually empty but if there are lots of people it shouldn't be a problem, there's too much gold to cause any arguments.
  • Yanille mines: these are sometimes called the Khazard mines as they are found next to Port Khazard. They are a favourite for iron mining as they are usually empty and close to the Yanille bank, they also have two mithril rocks right next to the iron spot.
  • Dorgeshuun mines: accessible after The Lost Tribe quest these mines provide both iron and silver. They are great for powermining iron because one of the cave goblins will buy iron or silver from players, letting them powermine and still gain some money.
  • Coal Trucks: found just north of where the Dwarf Cannon quest is started, this is a great location for coal mining if a player cannot enter the mining guild. A combat level of above 50 is advised because the giant bats hanging around the coal rocks will attack any player below this level. The best way to effectively use the trucks is through a log balance shortcut that allows easy access to the Seer's Village bank. The log is west of McGrubber's woods and requires level 20 agility. After a short chat with the local dwarf, players can mine coal from 18 available rocks (3 or 4 people can use it without getting in each other's way). The trucks that run alongside the rocks can be filled with up to 120 coal, after which the player must go to Seer's to pick it up and bank it. The coal cannot be stolen by anyone, the trucks are like personal coal banks. The pick-up spot is northwest of Seer's bank, just past the house with the anvil and the willow trees.