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RuneScape green charm.JPG
Summon your familiar at an obelisk.

Summoning is a skill which provides you with a variety of different familiars, which will help along the journey. These familiars are summoned by using Pouches, Charms, Shards, and the specific item needed to infuse the chosen pouch. Once the pouch is infused, the familiar can then be summoned. Infusing pouches is the best method to train this skill. Each familiar has its own special ability. Some may aid in combat, teleport to various locations, team up in skills, or even play the role of a mobile bank.

Scrolls can be used to summon a bird.

Each pouch infused, can be created into ten scrolls. These scrolls can be used while the familiar is summoned, thus a special ability used. Summoning is impossible to train without doing the Wolf Whistle quest. This skill will raise your combat – with out it, level 138 combat is impossible to be achieved.