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Description: The people of Draynor village live in constant terror. Their numbers are dwindling, all due to the foul creature lurking in the manor to the north known as a vampire.

Starting Point: Draynor Village. Find Morgan and talk to him.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Requirements: Capable to defeat a level 34 vampire.

Items Needed: Garlic, hammer, stake, and 2 gp for beer.

Morgan will tell you that a vampire is causing distress. He wants you to kill it. He will tell you to go to the BLUE MOON INN and talk to Dr. Harlow. Before this, if your combat level is below 20, there is a house in Draynor with a second floor. Go up to this floor, and look for a cupboard. When you've found it, open it and search it to receive garlic. Next, find a hammer.

The BLUE MOON INN is located just south of the general store in Varrock. Once inside, talk to Dr. Harlow. Tell him Morgan needs his help. He will want you to buy him a beer. Find the bartender, buy a beer, and then talk to Dr. Harlow. He will talk about vampires and give you a stake.

Next, find a hammer. These can be bought from General Stores.

Now that you have the required items, you must now fight the vampire. Make sure you have all three items in your inventory. It is important that you have a weapon, armour, and food. Go to Draynor Village, and then head north to Draynor Manor. Inside, go east towards large stairs that lead downwards. Go down them. There will be a coffin in the center of the room. Open it and the vampire will pop up and attack you. If you have garlic, he will become very weak and can be easily defeated. When you defeat him, you will automatically stab him with the hammer and the stake. When he is dead, you have finished the quest.

Reward: 3 Quest Points and 4825 attack experience.