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Quest Requirements Items Needed Quest Points Start Point Reward
None 2 Wolf Bones 1 Summon Shop in Taverly, speak to Pikkupstix
  • Access to the Summoning Skill
  • 276 Summoning experience
  • 275 Gold Charms
Step 1

After speaking with Pikkupstix in Taverley, head upstairs. Once the cut scene stops playing, head back downstairs to speak with Pikkupstix again.

Step 2

Showing the wolf bones to Pukkupstix, materials to make a pouch will be provided. Head down the trap door, then click on the Obelisk. Select the lit up pouch called "Spirit Wolf". Click on the Obelisk once again. Select the second tab on the top of the interface. Select the Spirit Wolf Scrolls which will be lit up.

Step 3

Speak to Pikkupstix, then go upstairs once again. PC Mouse Right Click.png on your pouch, select the "Summon" option. Click on the wolf icon on the content box, then click on the picture of the scrolls, similar to the Spirit Wolf. (It will have the number 10 below it.)

Step 4

Speak to Pikkupstix once more, then once the Wolpertinger is scared away, you've finished the quest.