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This section will cover all of the varients of trees in RuneScape and the basic wooden items created from them.


Trees are a natural part of the environment and can be found everywhere. Cutting down trees earns experience towards your woodcutting skill and produces logs than can be either fashioned into something, burned, or sold for a profit.

Before you start hacking away at one with an axe let’s consider the types of trees and what levels in Woodcutting are required to harvest logs from them.

Tree type Item produced Lv required Exp gained Selling price Notes Members only
Tree Log N/A 25 10gp The generic tree is your basic wood provider. Simply chop it down to get logs. You can find generic trees everywhere. No
Dead tree Log N/A 25 Dead Trees are trees you find in woods that are near some places, such as Draynor Mansion north of Draynor Village. Most are just scenery and can not be used, but some can be cut down and used for firewood. Some will attack you because they are "haunted" NPCs. They provide the exact same amount of logs as normal trees and provide the same 25 exp to your woodcutting skill for chopping them down. No
Oak tree Oak log 15 20gp Its logs can be used for Fletching, made into planks, or lit on fire. They are found in many areas. No
Willow tree Willow log 30-50gp No
Yew tree Yew log 60 250-350gp The rarest non-member tree that is often competed for and fought over. No
Maple tree Maple log 90-110gp No
Hollow tree Yes
Magic tree Magic log 900-1100 Yes
Canoe tree Yes
Teak tree Teak log Yes
Mahogany tree Mahogany log Yes


The name of a log reflects what type of tree it was cut down from. Logs have a variety of uses in RuneScape. The most common is being burned as firewood for cooking with the Firemaking skill. Like with cutting down trees, better logs require a higher skill level in firemaking to set ablaze (and they will earn you a higher amount of experience).

Logs can also be required components in quests and used to make planks. Planks are a required building supply for constructing houses.

Tree Lvl Needed Exp Received Notes Members only
Normal Logs 1 40 Normal trees include dead trees and evergreen trees, as they give the same amount of experience. No
Oak Logs 15 60 No
Willow Logs 30 90 Very good exp from these logs, as they are easy to cut. No
Teak Logs 35 105 Yes
Maple Logs 45 135 There is only one place in F2P (Free to Play) that non-members can cut Maple Trees. The place requires 30 Dungeoneering and is South-East on Daemonhiem. No
Mahogany Logs 50 157.5 Yes
Yew Logs 60 202.5 These logs are great exp from level 60 to 99. No
Magic Logs 75 303.8 Yes

How to turn a profit[edit]

There is a demand for higher level logs by other players that want to increase their Firemaking skills. Selling these logs that have a higher demand can be quite profitable.

The logs that tend to have the highest demand are
  • Oak (they sell faster than willow and you can make money faster with them)
  • Maple
  • Yew
  • Magic

It is important to remember that magic logs are members only.

If players wish to sell their logs instead of burning them, it is recommended that they sell willow logs and up. Normal logs and oak logs are not bought often and are not worth much money. However, selling logs to a general store is not recommended, as general stores give you small prices. Players should sell their logs to other players, especially members.

The best logs to sell are yews logs as there is a large demand for these logs and they can be sold for an excellent profit. However, it is recommended that players cut yews at level 76 woodcutting, because at this level players obtain yews faster. Magic logs are not recommended to sell as they take too long to cut. Willow logs are also good logs to sell.

The best place to sell or buy logs is at the Grand Exchange; located North-west of Varrock.