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Running With Scissors
Founder(s)Vince Desi

Running With Scissors, Inc. (RWS for short) is an American computer game developer based in Arizona. Their best-known title, Postal, was publicly decried by Senator Joe Lieberman and other critics due to its extreme violence.

The company was originally founded under the name Riedel Software Productions (RSP for short) in the 1980s by Vince Desi. The company's first game was Spy vs. Spy followed by numerous games based on children's properties, including Tom & Jerry and Bobby's World for the Super Nintendo as well as numerous Sesame Street games. However, the company eventually grew tired of making licensed children's games. Changing the company name to Running With Scissors, work on Postal officially began.

In April 2003, RWS released a sequel, Postal 2.

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