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All the below items can be found hidden in the stones. Some like the explosion item are always hidden in set places every game, but most of the rest are placed randomly. The stones are always in the same places each game though and are never found in random locations.

Item Description
Rygar arcade bonus1.png 200 point bonus. Instances of these that shoot out of fire pits on some levels can be shot instead of collected, but doing so will earn you only 100 pts.
Rygar arcade bonus2.png 500 point bonus.
Rygar arcade bonus3.png 1000 point bonus. They will randomly appear after you've collected 4 powers.
Rygar arcade crash.png Kills everything on the screen and gives you 10,000 point bonus. Note you don't get extra points for what you kill. These items are in the same set places every game, except the random ones on rounds 6 and 9.
Rygar arcade mystery.png This is very rare but can appear on any level. It's worth a random amount of points if collected or keep shooting at it and it will turn into the four items above (in that order) and then the Cross power.
Rygar arcade time.png Time Item. Adds twenty "seconds" to the clock. If you collect one after the timer has already reached zero the extra time is added on but doesn't go down again.
Rygar arcade 1up.gif Extra life. These can sometimes be found in the stones on rounds 4, 12, 18 and 26. On the Japanese version there's one on round 14 on the right hand side of the log bridge. Grab it quick before it flies off the screen.
Rygar arcade star.png Collect any 7 stars for a 70,000 point bonus.
Rygar arcade scroll.png Hidden Parchment worth 1,000,000 points! There's only one of these in the game and it can only be found above the star tree on round 13 (see bonuses & scoring).

Hidden Powers[edit]

How long it takes you get get all the powers depends on the difficulty setting of the machine. On the hardest setting its possible to get 4 powers on one level if you've got enough time. On the lower difficulty settings it can take as long as 4-5 rounds before you get all 4.

If you get the Cross power while you have the other 4 powers you will earn a 160,000 point bonus. If you don't die and get another cross however, you don't receive another 160k. The Cross power only appears on set levels or in the question mark object. Once you have the other four powers, the blue 1000 point objects start to appear in place of the power ups.

Each one of the powers are also hidden in various stones - two only appear in the Japanese version of the game. The Cross Power is only ever found on set levels (7, 17 and 25) or from the rarely found ? object.

Item Name Description
Rygar arcade power star.png Star Power Increases your weapons range to nearly the length of the whole screen.
Rygar arcade power crown.png Crown Power Increases the fire power of your weapon, letting you kill several enemies with a single shot.
Rygar arcade power tiger.png Tiger Power Let's you kill any enemy instantly by jumping on it.
Rygar arcade power cross.png Cross Power Limited invincibility lasting 10 - 45 seconds depending on the round. If you collect a second Cross power and the first hasn't expired extra invincibility time isn't added on nor do you score another bonus.
Rygar arcade power sun.png Sun Power Allows greater control over vertical firing.