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Enemy Description
Rygar NES boss eruga.png Eruga
Tone: 10 Last: 28
Damage: 2 Defense: 150
This two headed monster lives at the end of a forest. It very slowly advances along a branch, occasionally stopping to fire three pulses of energy at you. As the energy travels, they spread apart from one another. A small branch on the left side can provide a position from which to leap over the highest pulse. If Eruga gets too far to the left, you will have to jump over him and attack from the opposite side.
Rygar NES boss sagila.png Sagila
Tone: 24Last: 40
Damage: 2 Defense: 214
Sagila is a spider like monster who traps prey in its lair. You don't have to worry about the web in the background, but you do have to worry about Sagila's tendency to climb up on to the ceiling and drop down right on top of you. If he doesn't drop, he continues on around to the other side. The best way to ensure success against Sagila is to use the Power Up spell to extend the length of your diskarmor and attack Sagila up close. He will turn around whenever he gets hit, and the extended length will allow you to freeze him in position if you attack quickly enough.
Rygar NES boss belzar.png Belzar
Tone: 50 Last: 168
Damage: 5 Defense: 561
Belzar awaits for intruders at the end of Lapis. He occupies a high platform near the top of his lair, making him somewhat difficult to approach. Belzar is a good candidate for the Attack & Assail spell, but that won't defeat him alone, so you'll have to leap up and attack him directly at some point, where you'll be very vulnerable to his attack. Use Attack & Assail to weaken him up a bit before you do.
Rygar NES boss drago.png Dorago
Tone: 147 Last: 147
Damage: 3 Defense: 785
Dorago himself is not as fearsome as the multitude of projectiles that he fires at you. He seems to produce a never ending stream of bugs that fly out away from him and towards you. You'll have to keep moving in order to attack him from various directions while staying safe from the projectiles he produces. Have enough bars to cast Recovery if necessary. Even better is if you have an available life potion from the hermits in Dorago's own castle.
Rygar NES boss deathpigor.png Deathpigor
Tone: 40 Last: 105
Damage: 3 Defense: 561
After the tremendous challenge that is the Tower of Garba, you may be surprised to find such a weak enemy at the top. But don't underestimate Deathpigor. He may be easier to attack then Belzar, but he is no less of a threat, especially if you are in a weakened state. Approach him carefully and attack as rapidly as possible.
Rygar NES boss ligar.png Ligar
Tone: - Last: -
Damage: 3 Defense: 1364
The strongest and most powerful enemy in the entire game, Ligor is the final encounter that you must face in order to restore freedom and peace to the land. Oddly enough, he is rooted to the ground and remains motionless in the back of the room, letting the dragon heads that he holds in his hands do the fighting for him. If you are of full strength, and have been steadily increasing your Tone stat, you should be able to run right up to him and unleash your attack as rapidly as possible to remove him. If you haven't prepared well for this battle, the Recovery spell and a Life Potion may not even be enough to help you…