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Enemy Description
Rygar NES enemy pragokelis.png Pragokelis
Tone: 0 / 1 Last: 0 / 1
Damage: 1 Defense: 2 / 5~6
They are a basic enemy that you must crouch down to attack. They appear near the beginning of the game, but the stronger variety appears in Mt. Primevil and the entrance to Lapis.
Rygar NES enemy sunyougi.png Sunyougi
Tone: 1 Last: 1
Damage: 1 Defense: 5~6
Very similar to the strong versions of the Pragokelis, you will only encounter these trilobite-like enemies in Sagila's Cave.
Rygar NES enemy rolpher.png Rolpher
Tone: 0 / 0 / 1 Last: 0 / 1 / 1
Damage: 1 Defense: 2 / 5 / 6
The Roplher is a common enemy that you will encounter throughout many of the sidescrolling portions of the game. They come in a variety of three different strengths. They tend to approach quite fast, so jump on them if you don't have enough time to attack them and slow them down.
Rygar NES enemy ammolum.png Ammolum
Tone: 1 / 1 Last: 1 / 2
Damage: 1 Defense: 5~6 / 7
Ammolums are very similar to Rolphers. You will encounter them in Sagila's Cave, and the stronger variety in Lapis. Attack frequently to repel them until they are defeated.
Rygar NES enemy phollorakos.png Phollorakos
Tone: 0 / 1 Last: 0 / 1
Damage: 1 / 2 Defense: 2 / 4~6
Both varieties of Phollorakos are encountered in the Gran Mountains. They run extremely quickly along the top level until they pass over you, and drop down to the bottom level, on the opposite side of you if you're down there.
Rygar NES enemy hyoking green.png Hyoking
Tone: 0 / 1 Last: 0 / 0
Damage: 1 / 2 Defense: 2
Hyokings climb out of the ground in Garloz and travel south until they hit something. They will trample anything that gets in their path. If you're traveling south, east or west, you generally have enough time to react to them. If you're traveling north, be prepared to evade them as quickly as possible.
Rygar NES enemy hyoking red.png Red Hyoking
Tone: 2 Last: 3
Damage: 2 Defense: 11~16
Red Hyokings are much stronger than their green cousin. They are only found in Dorago's Castle. Other than that, they are the same in every other way. Be careful when moving upward.
Rygar NES enemy kinatarnos.png Kinatarnos
Tone: 1 Last: 1
Damage: 2 Defense: 6
Kinatarnos sit on tree limbs in Eruga's Forest, firing two damaging spines from their tail to the left. They can be hard to reach, but they suffer from an interesting quirk; if they are removed from the screen briefly, they do not return.
Rygar NES enemy kinoble green.png Kinoble
Tone: 1 Last: 0
Damage: 2 Defense: 3
Kinobles are weak tree-like enemies that guard particular passages in Garloz. They fire a slow moving projectile that is harmful, but easy to avoid.
Rygar NES enemy kinoble red.png Red Kinoble
Tone: 5 Last: 5
Damage: 2 Defense: 27
Like the Hyokings, you will only find the red cousins of this monster in Dorago's Palace. They are much stronger, but behave just like the green ones, so the strategy is the same.
Rygar NES enemy mogolin.png Molgolin
Tone: 1 Last: 1
Damage: 2 Defense: 6~7
Molgolins are large bat-like creatures that you will find in Rolsa Valley and Eruga's Forest. Once they detect you, they slowly track your position and follow you until they, or you, are defeated.
Rygar NES enemy garzel red.png Red Garzel
Tone: 4 Last: 4
Damage: 2 Defense: 17~22
Red Garzels attack you much like Molgolin's do; they determine that you're nearby and start flying towards your position. You will find these flyers in Lapis.
Rygar NES enemy garzel purple.png Purple Garzel
Tone: 4 Last: 4
Damage: 2 Defense: 17~22
Other than the color, purple Garzels are identical to the red variety. You will find these enemies in Sagila's Cave.
Rygar NES enemy ghelman.png Ghelman
Tone: 15 Last: 15
Damage: 2 Defense: 60~66
Ghelmans crawl around the floor at surprising speeds. They are found in Dorago's Palace, and should be attacked from a safe distance.
Rygar NES enemy epolcon.png Epolcon
Tone: 1 / 2 Last: 1 / 2
Damage: 2 Defense: 4~6 / 8~10
Found in Mt. Primevil, and the entrance to Lapis, these strange dragon-like creatures float above the ground, carrying stones that they like to drop on unsuspecting victims below. The higher flying Epolcons present less of a threat, but the lower ones seem to have fairly good accuracy. You should attempt to take out the lower and middle level flying Epolcons to remain safe from harm.
Rygar NES enemy olbis.png Olbis
Tone: 0 / 1 Last: 0 / 1
Damage: 1 / 2 Defense: 3 / 6
A peculiar but predictable enemy, Olbis are aquatic creatures which have adapted for flight. They hop out of the water, and typically like to fly over the heads of their prey, before turning around and swooping down to attack them.
Rygar NES enemy bargan.png Heavy Soldier Bargan
Tone: 18 Last: 19
Damage: 2 Defense: 102
These incredibly strong robotic constructs guard the route to Lapis. They are very dangerous, but if you learn how to fight them, you can avoid harm. They fall from the sky and never move once they land. When they raise their arms, they fire a wide electromagnetic attack which cannot be ducked under. The only way to avoid it is to jump, or to use your grappling hook to suspend yourself from the bottom of the platform. Once they raise their arms, you have about one second to perform either action, or you will get hit. In between attacks, flail your diskarmor at them.
Rygar NES enemy kuzeelar.png Kuzeelar
Tone: 111 Last: 61
Damage: 3 Defense: 327
Kuzeelars are a powerful and unique enemy that you will only encounter inside the Tower of Garba. Though they are large, they can be beaten fairly easily by employing the same technique that you use against the boss known as Eruga. If you are powerful enough, you can possibly destroy one before it has a chance to fire upon you, but precaution should be taken when going up against one of these monsters.
Rygar NES enemy demoro bruzer.png Demoro Bruzer
Tone: 56 Last: 88
Damage: 3 Defense: 470
Like the Kuzeelar, these enemies only exist inside the Tower of Garba. And also like the Kuzeelar, their behavior resembles a boss that you will have already faced: the spider-like Sagila. Use the same strategy to defeat it in order to advance through the tower.
Rygar NES enemy shadow a.png Shadow Beast A
Tone: 15 Last: 15
Damage: 2 Defense: 60~66
Shadow beasts are only found in the gardens of Sky Palace, and should not be taken lightly. The A variety of shadow beasts behaves very much like Ghelmans from Dorago's Palace.
Rygar NES enemy shadow b.png Shadow Beast B
Tone: 14 Last: 46
Damage: 2 Defense: 296
The B variety of shadow beast attacks very much like the Kinobles. Their projectiles are more damaging then their physical attack, so be wary of them.
Rygar NES enemy shadow c.png Shadow Beast C
Tone: 147 Last: 147
Damage: 3 Defense: 785
The last of the shadow beasts is a replica of the boss known as Dorago, complete with his high frequency projectile attack. These enemies are extremely strong, such that even with 4000 Tone value, you need 5 hits to defeat one. Thus, they are better left ignored.