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Rygar NES map Garloz a.png

First visit[edit]

  • Collect the Grappling Hook from the left lion shrine.
  • Locate the entrance to the Valley of Rolsa.

When you first arrive at Garloz, you arrive in the lower left location on the map above, and you will only have access to the north east portion of the land. There are two types of enemies here, the Hyoking and the Kinoble. The Hyoking are the green dinosaur-like enemies which climb out of the ground and run to the south, trampling anything in their path. If they hit land or a rock, they will dive back underground. You are most vulnerable to these monster when you are running north because you will have very little warning when they are about to appear and attack, so be alert.

In this region of Garloz, there are three doors and three lion shrines that you can access. Just as the hermit in the Gran Mountains suggested, it would be best to start out by heading west as soon as you are able to, and then heading north. The path will branch. If you take the left path, you will reach a hermit who will tell you that you need to meet the five Indora gods to earn special powers. However, if you take the right path, you will be on your way to meeting the first. Destroy the Kinoble that is in your way, and follow the path to the right. Cross the little valley to the steps on the other side and approach the lion shrine. Here you will meet the first Indora god who will bestow the Grappling Hook upon you.

With the Grappling Hook in hand, it's time to head to your next destination: the Valley of Rolsa. To get there, you must return to the starting location, and take the east path out this time. This will lead you to a ravine, where you must be very careful to remain on the land and not slip into the water. One spill means death. Stick to the shadows and you will be fine. Travel up and around to the right side to reach the first of three strips.

In the left strip, you will find a lion shrine that leads to the Valley of Rolsa. In the middle strip, you will find a valuable door at the very top which contains a hermit who will always heal your wounds. In the last and shortest strip, you will find a lion shrine that leads to Ragua Sando and ultimately to Lapis. You won't be ready to visit Lapis for some time. Below the entrance to Lapis is another hermit with a pointless message about the time.

Make sure you have the Grappling Hook, visit the healing hermit in the middle strip if necessary, and enter the middle lion shrine to reach the Valley of Rolsa.

Rygar NES map Garloz b.png

Subsequent visits[edit]

  • Use the Wind Pulley to access the south west island and enter Mt. Primevil.
  • Use the Crossbow to reach Dorago's Palace.
  • Locate the entrance to Lapis (on the mainland).
  • Use the Coat of Arms to obtain a Life Potion from a hermit (optional).

If you defeat the boss in Eruga's Forest, and rescue the Indora god contained within, he will bestow upon you the Wind Pulley. This will enable you to use the lines that are tethered between two tree stumps and cross over the ravines. To actually activate the Wind Pulley from the overhead perspective can be a little tricky at first. It is best to approach the line with the top half of your body and move back and forth without getting too close to the water until the pulley clicks. When you hear an audible sound, you should be safe to travel over the water without fear of dying.

Use of the pulley is required to reach the south west region of Garloz, where you will find an island separated from the mainland. In the center of the island is Primevil Mountain, which you must investigate in order to find Sagila's Cave within. If you defeat the boss of the cave, you will rescue another Indora god who will grant you the use of the Crossbow. This valuable item will permit you to create your own tether lines between available stumps. One such place where you can utilize it is on the north side of this island in order to reach Dorago's Palace, of which the hermit on the west coast of the island will inform you.

Back on the original portion of Garloz, a small door which can only be found by running all the way along the southern coast of the mainland contains a hermit who will only provide you with a Life Potion if you have acquired the Coat of Arms, and do not yet possess a potion.