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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control the player. Tap left or right to make the player turn and face either direction, and hold left or right to make the player run. Press up or down while next to or on a rope in order to climb up or down the rope. Press down while standing on the ground to crouch.
  • A button: Press the A button to make the player jump.
  • B button: Press the B button to make the player attack with the diskarmor. The diskarmor can be swung left or right, while standing or crouching. It can not be swung up or down.
  • Start button: Press the start button to access the subscreen.
  • Select button: Press the select button to pause the action mid-game.


Rygar NES player.png

You control the player throughout the game. You mission is to become powerful enough to take on and defeat the mighty Ligar and restore peace to the world. The only way you will accomplish this mission is to visit various monks, and find the Indora gods who can bestow power upon you in the form of items. Most items will make it possible for you to visit new areas that were previously unreachable. Throughout the game, your only means of attack is the diskarmor. The diskarmor is a special weapon which you can swing forward to attack your enemies. As you defeat monsters, you will earn points that are applied to attributes known as "Tone" and "Last" (described below) which increase is offensive and defensive powers respectively. You can see your current stats, as well as review your items and cast spells, by consulting the subscreen (press Start button while playing the game). At the beginning of the game, you can sustain three hits with no healing before you die and the game is over. You can obtain vials of potion that will restore one hit point, or you can use the star power that you collect to cast the spell of Recovery if you have enough stars. If the game is over, you can press Start button to continue the game from the entrance of the area in which you died.


The sub-screen
  • Tone: You begin the game with a Tone of 30. As you defeat certain enemies, the value of your Tone will increase. As your Tone improves, so does the offensive power of the diskarmor, enabling you to defeat enemies with fewer hits.
  • Last: You begin the game with a Last of 10. As you defeat certain enemies, the value of Last will increase independently of Tone. When you collect a total of 48 Last points, the number of health units in your meter will increase by one. As Last increases, you will earn one more unit of health at increasing interval, up to a maximum of 12 health points.
  • Mind: As you defeat enemies, they will occasionally drop items. Sometimes they will drop a single or double star icon. Every star you collect adds one bar to the Mind count, up to a maximum of seven. These Mind points are used to cast spells.
Note that the max possible value of Tone and Last is 4095. If defeating an enemy would cause either value to go over 4095, that value will not increase at all. Since 4000 Tone value already means highest attack, and 4000 Last value means max health, there is no negative effect.

Last value Max health Last value Max health
10 (game start) 3 496 8
48 4 (990-993) 9
96 5 (1989-2000) 10
192 6 3000 11
336 7 4000 12


Spell Mind points Description
Power Up 3 Power Up will increase the length and speed of your diskarmor weapon. Just one casting of this spell will last you for an entire game. It never wears off, so you only need to recast it if you continue. For that reason, you should cast this spell as soon as you are able to.
Attack & Assail 5 This spell allows you to assault all enemies on the screen, regardless of location, every time you swing the diskarmor. It will last for 10 swings before the effect of the spell ends.
Recovery 7 Although this spell requires that you completely drain yourself of Mind points, it will fully restore all of your lost health, and leave you with a maxed out health meter.