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Enemy Drops[edit]

Item Name Description
Rygar NES item star.png Single star Collect the single stars that enemies leave behind to increase your mind points by one. Mind points are used to cast spells.
Rygar NES item stars.png Double star Very rarely, an enemy will drop a double star. Collect them to raise your mind points by three. The maximum number of mind points you can ever have is 7.
Rygar NES item mini potion.png Mini-poition Mini potions can be collected in order to restore one lost hit point to your health meter. They don't appear often, so grab them whenever you can.

Automatic Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Rygar NES item grappling hook.png Grappling hook The grappling hook can be used to reach areas above you, as well as below you, that you would not ordinarily be able to reach. Hold Up dpad or Down dpad and press B button to fire it.
Rygar NES item pulley.png Wind pulley The wind pulley will enable you to cross lines of rope that are found in various parts of the land. It can be tricky to use in the overhead perspective, but its use is vital to the completion of your mission.
Rygar NES item crossbow.png Crossbow Sometimes a line won't exist for you to use your pulley where you would like one to be. If there is a stump of any kind, you can use the crossbow to create new lines to access previously unexplored areas.
Rygar NES item coat of arms.png Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms identifies you as someone that the people of the land can trust. With the coat in your possession, the local hermits will trust you and provide you with a valuable life restoring potion.
Rygar NES item indoras armor.png Indoras' Armor This armor, which is bestowed upon a hero by the Indora gods themselves, can reduce the amount of damage that you take from an enemy. In addition, it will increase how much Last you get from enemies. It will help you survive against the strongest of foes.

Usable Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Rygar NES item potion.png Life Potion Consumption of the Life Potion will immediately restore all lost hit points to your health meter. You can only receive this elixirs from local hermits if you possess the Coat of Arms, and you may only hold one at a time. Once you use it, it's gone.
Rygar NES item pegasus flute.png Pegasus Flute The Pegasus Flute emits an eerie tune which, if played within view of the floating castle, will open a doorway through which you can access the castle. Without it, you cannot face Ligar.