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Suero Mountain[edit]

Rygar NES map Sueru Mountain.png
  • Reach the Gran Mountains.
  • Obtain 3 Mind points and cast Power-Up (optional).

You begin your journey on the left side of the map. Your only goal is to make it to the entrance to the Gran Mountains on the right. You begin the game with only three hit points, so it is important to avoid getting hit. Jump on top of the enemies if you feel that you are about to be squeezed in on either side. The enemies here give little to no Last or Tone points, so it's not worth investing a very long time in this stage. The only goal you might wish to have is to earn 3 stars (or Mind points) so that you can cast the Power Up spell. This will give you an edge when facing more difficult monsters further along.

Gran Mountain Entrance[edit]

Rygar NES map Gran Mountain a.png

Gran Mountain is a very large area. Before you begin to explore all of it, you must pass through a few trees that are present at the foot of the mountain. You will encounter a door high up among the branches. Inside, you will find a hermit who will inform you that the entrance to Garloz can be found within Gran Mountain, which you are about to reach the foot of. Jump across the branches to make it over the long gap and climb back down. Jump to the next page for a break down of Gran Mountain itself.