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While Rygar is an adventure game, allowing you to pick and choose which locations you wish to visit next, there is a logical flow to the game which should be followed in order to complete the game in the most efficient manner. The flow is as follows:

  1. Begin at the starting point, and advance to the right to reach the Gran Mountains.
  2. Explore the Gran Mountains to learn tips from hermits and to find the entrance to Garloz.
  3. Enter Garloz and obtain the Grappling Hook from the Indora god that lives there.
  4. Locate the entrance to the Valley of Rolsa and travel to the end to reach Eruga's Forest.
  5. Make your way to the right end of Eruga's Forest and defeat Eruga to earn the Wind Pulley.
  6. Back in Garloz, Use the Wind Pulley to reach the small island in the south west corner, and find the entrance to Mt. Primevil.
  7. Travel to the base of Mt. Primevil and pass through Sagila's Cave in order to fight Saglia and earn the Crossbow.
  8. At this point, you can do the next three steps in whichever order you prefer:
    • Use the Crossbow to create a line from the small island to Dorago's Palace above, and defeat Dorago to earn Indoras' Armor.
    • Locate the entrance to Lapis from Garloz, and pass through it defeat Belzar and earn the Coat of Arms.
    • Return to the Gran Mountains and locate the entrance to the Tower of Garba, and climb the tower to defeat Deathpigor in order to obtain the Pegasus Flute.
  9. Finally, return to the Valley of Rolsa and use the Pegasus Flute at the appropriate location in order to gain entrance to the Sky Castle, and reach the end to face Ligar.

Version Difference[edit]

Other than package and in-game text, the only difference between Famicom version and NES version is the music used in the following locations:

  • Suero Mountain / Mt. Primevil(sunset)
  • Gran Mountains / Valley of Rolsa
  • The one used in all Indora rooms
  • Sagila's Cave
  • Dorago's Palace